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  1. My car starts very easy, ive had it off for about 2 years, and it started at once the other day when i got things in order so i could test it..no probs at all so far... but ill connect it according the original wiring diagram soon, gotta put steering wheel on first and some other things. Thanks so far guys!!!
  2. You think i should leave it like that or should i connect it according the original wiring diagram? I measured about 8 v from the output from the flatpin of my alternator.
  3. I have a panel that looks like the car had AC but under the hood there is no AC. I dont get any heat in the car and also i cannot switch where the air blows no matter how i put the ac switch all the air comes out at the frontwindow?
  4. According to wiring diagram there should be a black and white cable from alternator to auto choke. in my car the cable to auto choke is red and orange hash. and the goes into a "glove" where another red-orange hash goes to a device that i dont know what it is. What is it at the picture? could i just connect a cable between auto choke and alternator instead and leave the other wire unconnected?
  5. Yes it came with gauges. It seems there is bad contact on the lights on the pc, think its the sockets, i tried a working lamp with socket and it worked in almost every place on the PC, the pc are new. Oilpressure gauge is working, had to have the instrument gauges with the pc connected, water temp im guessing its ok but have to have the engine runnig for a while before it moves, getting pretty gassy in the garage. The tach i have to tune got instructions for that from rcktmn. Thanks.
  6. Sorry got it wrong the tach didnt work think it just was vibrations from the car, had no gas so couldnt test it properly. So it is connected correct as rcktman said. Back to ground. Green from distside of ignition coil, there i measure only 8 volt and when you press gaspedal it gives 20 volt but still the tach isnt moving. The redwire gives 12 v when turning key.
  7. If none of the gauges work ammeter, oil pressure, engine temp. Which is the most likley problem. Andd by the way. Radio not working except light, tach not working, fuel gauge not working, clock not working. Some of the lights in the gauges consol are working and some are not. Circuitboard is new, volt regulator is new. Tach is new from rcktman.
  8. Got the illumination to work. Connected + from battery to ligthblue with red stripe and connected a wire between bracket and - on battery. Dont have a speaker so i guess that gives a little hope that the radio works!? Thanks
  9. Hi there! In my car you don’t know if it’s the wiring that is broke or if it is the devices, radio, clock etc. cause of the PO:s wiring redo. My radio doesn’t seem to work, took it out 2 years ago when I started to fix my car and I remember that it didn’t work. Some of the wiring in my car is made by some PO that wasn’t an expert on this and im not done with fixing it. Is there somehow I can test if the radio is working when its out from the car? So any tips how to check if my original radio is working?
  10. Found out on the wiring diagram that where the circuit breaker is that on that wire bk-y d there is some xtra equipment that i dont have on my fastback.
  11. Thank you all for all the help. I managed to start my mustang today, it was long since i heard it. And the tach did work. So i started a new thread about next problem. But now there is hope for my mustang to get som air this summer.
  12. Im trying to understand and redo some of the wiring the former owner did. So this is what I wonder. From the battery + the cable goes into the solenoid (both connected at same side on the solenoid) and from the solenid it goes to a device called circuitbreaker 12 v 40 A. Found out that nothing happened when i turned the key. So i bypassed that circuit breaker with a wire (the yellow one on the pic) suddenly it started. Q1 Is that good or what could happen? Q2 Im not sure when I look at the wiring diagram that I find that circuit breaker and it looks not pr
  13. And it says motorcraft 12127 on the backside of it. Do you get something out of the pic?
  14. Hi Sorry Rktman, you have to think of me like a sligthly retarded Swede, I will give you credit for your work in the future =) I still dont really understand how to connect the wire. By the way it says on my ignition coil that it is to be used with external resistor saw it on the picture, so of course thats why it is there. It seems like i dont have a pertronix ignitor. So no im still a bit confused. If i follow your wiring Rktman, i conncet the black cable to the block(ground) and the green cable to - on the ignition coil. But where am i to attach the RED ? on the res
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