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  1. No sorry but ill fix it as soon as possible, car is at mechanics to get new tires. Thanks
  2. I have a 73 fastback mach 1 in the center dash i found that the map light is missing. I bought the map light lens but learned that i need the map light bezel which is impossible to find. 1 Is this the one i miss or whats suppose to be there, because i dont find any wiring to that place? 2 Anyone got a good picture of how it should look?
  3. I found that my right damper at the back is loose at the top of the bracket because the plate is damaged. A friend Welded a temporary repair for now. But is there a spare part that you can replace and attach there?
  4. What is the little red light in the tachometergauge and how does it work? I thought it was for the parking brake but it never turns on except when I start the car, and then it goes out immediately.
  5. Think that was all, first row is base, second is strip third is hach fourth is dot.
  6. I burned one circuit one the p.c when trying that so be careful.
  7. I found this cable (brown-yellow dot)) under the hood, but it doesnt connect to anything. According to the wiring diagram it is wired between a few things that i dont know what it is: T.R.S switch to transmission regulated spark control solenoid spark vaccum modulating soleniod. Where am i suppose to connect this one or can i just take it away?
  8. Thank you, i need the vaccum water opener before i can proceed. Ill get back when i get it.... Btw does it matter how you connect i to the heater?
  9. I got the heater housing out today without take away the dash, not the best way i presume, but I didnt succed to take away the dash. Filled the heater core with water and still it doesnt leak anything after 5 hours, it seems to be good or do i have to put som pressure on it? Im not going to restore the A/C so my question is, can i just take it out the A/C core shouldnt affect anything and put the housing back without it ? And when i connect hose to the heater core does it matter how i connect the hoses to the water pump, I guess i should connect it to where the wrench is and the one next to it? and of course also i had an accindent with the vaccum hose under the hood, i broke the it when i tryed to pull it apart, guess i could put i new nipple whatever that fits or is it som vaccum special? And also thank you very much for the help really appreciate it.....
  10. It says A/C and i find 3 or 4 of those vaccum actuator motors, they seems to be the ones that control where the air should go, but they dont work cause i only get air the window, cant change where the air goes. I find that cable goes to the flapper, i think, it looks broke. I did also find out today that in the engine compartment i see 4 hoses that has nothing on them. I guess 2 of them goes to the heater core isnt that one suppose to get hot water from where?
  11. Trying to figure out if it could be the Heater Blower/Air Conditioning Motor Assembly thats need to be changed or if it could be the ACP Vacuum Switch Assembly Air Conditioning/Heater Control, anyone think this could be it ?
  12. The ignition switch is very sluggish is it suppose to? I turn the key to half acc position thats no problem but i dont really get it to acc position cause nothing works. Then it becomes very sluggish and i have to turn it a bit more to get in it acc position. And then futher to take it to startmotor position, it continues to be very sluggish. Anyone with ideas why it is like that?
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