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  1. I decided to clean up my console clock for my wife's 72 Mach 1 Q Code...After just a few minutes of degreasing and light cleaning with a swab, all of the movement started right back up. I put a very small amount of new oil on the movement parts and installed new points for the electrical connection (as I understand it, a very common problem with these clocks is that if the battery goes too low or loses a charge, it will destroy the points and stop the clock...so I also added a 1amp inline fuse for the hot) Plugged her back in for a test and thought this was a simple 1 hour job...how lucky am I? And- the clock didnt power up correctly. Upon closer examination...there are 2 coils in the clock that are wired to the positive plug lead with a very fine copper filament wire. That wire is soldered directly to the positive lead but for my clock, is then broken and I cannot tell where to replace/resolder it to. Does anyone have a picture of how their clock's coils are wired to the plug so I can restore my connection correctly and have a working console clock again? Thanks!
  2. I figured I should call it in and ask tech support after your observation Red351 Tech says it is a digitally controlled freeze out thermostat that measures the temperature of the coils directly and shuts off power to the compressor if the coils reach 32 degrees. If it does start not cooling properly...it is because the thermostat is bad and the coils are freezing as you suggested, but he went on the further explain that it does get really cold at first and then backs off.
  3. Here are my extra OEM parts if anyone has a need..heater box, blower and in dash vents...
  4. Hi- we went with the Classic Air Factory-Like slide controls. Basically it is new slides and a different face, but designed to closely mimic the original OEM sliders. One thing I have noticed is that after I make an adjustment, there is a 2-3 second pause and I can hear the internals adjusting. No big deal, but not as responsive as what I am used to...both heat and air seem to take a notable amount of time to adjust. I catch myself making and adjustment...and then 30 seconds later I have to adjust again because it wasnt enough. VERY HOT, VERY COLD...harder to find the perfect balance.
  5. I had my shop install the Classic Air system for the Mustang. Very happy with results. It is a complete system re-install and the heat and Air Conditioning are digitally controlled and VERY HOT and VERY COLD respectively. A/C reads 25 degrees at the vent. Went with the retro styled ac control and only minor gripe is that the backlit light is a different shade than the rest of the night time interior lights. Also, as a result of the install, I have a Box of Heater/AC OEM parts- not the compressor or condenser but everything else under the hood and behind the dash ...if anyone needs anything, happy to part with for a very low price.
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