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  1. I cant seem to find this peice anywhere its probably my fault If someone could give me the link that would be awesome
  2. Awesome thank you for the info. I pulled the engine (it needs a new oil pan) ill check out the timing chain when I tested to see how much slop was in the chain it took about 8 degrees of the balancer before the distributor turned. The valve being bent is something im scared of im gonna take off the valve covers/heads to see if that might be the problem.
  3. Its a 1971 351c with a mild cam I set the rpm to 575 in drive cause thats what this engine bay sticker said it should be at In park its about 800 or so I know for sure the harmonic balancer is off pretty bad at TDC its about 30-40 degrees off
  4. so I changed my fuel sending unit and some how the idling on the car messed up and it now idles around about 400-250 rpm but before I had it set at 575rpm. I believe its the timing because all the vacuum lines are good the distributor was stuck and wouldn't turn at all but the hold down was not tight (I fixed it it will turn now When I used a timing light it was off by about 30-40 degrees with the distibutor vac plugged. My dad thinks it skipped a peice on the timing chain could that be the cause? And if so how would I fix it? Thank you in advance sorry for all my dumb questions I don't know alot about these classic mustangs
  5. Thats awesome your mustang is sick, what year explorer did you use and thank you for the help.
  6. My question is could I swap an 8.8 rear end in my mustang? I have the ability to get a 8.8 rear end from a 2011ish muatang gt My mustang doesn't have any drum brakes in the back (they are gone idk why) I plan on doing a disk brake upgrade in the back Would it be worth it and how would I set up the leaf springs? Thank you in advance and sorry if there's another thread about this i couldn't find one.
  7. C6 to Aode transmission swap How would I go about doing this swap it's from a 2000 grand marquis would I need a harness and stuff My mustang is 351c It's a c6 but it has some problems theres no park or neutral I was told it was a regular aod but when I got it is was a aode Does it need tuned? I'm going to be doing alot of highway driving when I fix this car up Thank you in advance
  8. make sure lock rod is not blocking shifter from moving . U can disconnect this from lever down on lower end of steering shaft, next to steering box. Thank you for helping it was stuck on a part of the transmission some how I also got the ignition out thank you I couldn't have done it without you
  9. I'm trying to restore this abused H code mach 1 A mach 1 has been my dream car for a really long time I'm from carlsbad NM and even since I could drive I've wanted a mach 1 This ones been sitting in a yard for years and I'm the first person to work on it in the time I'm planning on making it a rally race car
  10. The part you insert the key into is broken and I've take out the blinker but I cant figured out how to get it out because everyone is saying you have to turn the key but there is nothing to turn and the transmission is stuck in 1st gear On a related note how do I fix the transmission not going in park I've tried force and that didn't work Thank you in advance
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