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    1971; Mach I, fully restored inside and out, blue; 351 Cleveland engine; new 17" wide tires with Mustang emblem. I am having some problems with the light/blinkers, etc and was told that I needed a new wiring harness. I wanted to check out the forum and solicit other Mustang owners advice.


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  1. My circuit board got mangled when it was being restored and wasn't put back in properly. We tried repairing it, but it was so fragile that one of the lines broke. Need help locating a replacement. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Janis
  2. I'm interested in the printed circuit board for the cluster. Price & photos please? Thanks!
  3. Hi, Do you still have the instrument cluster printed circuit board? If so, how much are you asking for it? Is it in excellent condition? Some of my lights/horn/speedometer, etc are not working on my 71 Mach 1. Thanks! Janis
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