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    Recently purchased a 71 Mach 1. Red with black interior, 351C C6, power steering and brakes. It’s to have been a California car it’s entire life.


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  1. I’ve been on a search for this part, I believe it to be the folding hatch latch. Not sure if the the technical name. I have checked all the catalogs found them for the 70 but not 71. Are they the same? If not anyone know where I can get one, the hatch rattles a lot. Thanks, Fletch
  2. New member here. Great forum learning a lot. Recent purchased a 71 Mach 1. California car no rust older restoration. Working on fixing a number of small things to start. The master brake cylinder is leaking so planning on replacing the booster and master. I’m looking at the Leeds product. The booster is 9 inch. Any input on whether it works as well as the original which I believe is an 11 inch. Car has factory front discs, drum rear. I do not see a proportioning valve, just the two reservoir master. Do I need one or is is it hidden on the car, or not needed on a factory set up. Tha
  3. Sorry for the loss of your husband. Never easy going through things, lots of memories I’m sure. I’m looking for the pass through hatch latch that secures the hatch. It has one on both sides of the hatch trunk side. Thanks in advance. Doug
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