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  1. Thanks all! Great info. It appears the mounting hole spacing is the primary factor and those Alpine 5x7 look to have fit without modification. I've been searching all over for any kind of standard for mounting holes and not only not finding one, but it seems various audio and car manufacturers both just measured and named them their own way :( Even with a known hole spacing, none of the speakers online seem to provide the spacing to verify a match either!! I guess on a nice day I'll just pop the door panel, make a template of the holes and carry it into a Best Buy to see what may fit.
  2. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I'm so confused :( When I use search most responses say the door speakers should be 4x6. This one, along with a very few others, mention 5x7. So, I'm only more confused on what will fit without any modifications. Mounting depth would of course be a concern regardless.
  3. Thanks for all the Welcomes and information. It looks like getting deluxe interior may be a little more difficult than I had imagined, but at least I'll have plenty of time on my hands to hunt down parts :)
  4. My first car, bought for $1,200 in 1982 was a 1971 Mustang convertible. 2V 351C, deluxe interior, decor group, power windows, full instrumentation, it had everything. It had been rear ended (damage limited to bumper and rear trunk panel), needed a top end rebuild (too many nights at the NHRA Friday night races didn't help). I joined the Navy and purchased another car. The condo association was pestering my parents about using three spaces and wanted it gone. I was waiting to see if I would get my promotion to E-4 and would use the raise entirely for storage and to slowly get it all fixed. The sad part is I found out I was getting promoted on a Thursday. Since I was driving home that weekend I decided to surprise them when I got there early Saturday morning. My Dad had sold it on Friday :( Had I called, I'd still have that car. Dad said he sold it for $900, but I learned later it was only $600 and he pitched in $300. Well, at 52 and retirement only 3-4 years away it was time to replace my car. (We can call it a midlife crisis). I now feel even MORE ill thinking about losing that car discovering how rare all those options are. However, pending only a vehicle inspection I have purchased an M code '71 convertible. However, it's otherwise mostly a base model. I hope to pick it up soon!! After I retire I'd like to convert the interior and retro everything to the interior I had, other than using 3rd party front seats, rebuild the engine, new paint, etc. Wondering if there is anything in converting to deluxe and decor group that would be unusually difficult. I would also toss most everything pulled out into the attic or garage and save it. I'm also considering at least a minor restomod and will be looking at ideas from others. Maybe newer instrumentation, stereo, Mach 1 hood (love those). No Mach 1 stripes though, I don't want to even imply it's a Mach 1 :) Anyway, I'll soon be a regular user of "Search", followed by posting a question already answered because I used the wrong words in search :) Here's the pic and link on the new car. I'd be surprised if the current owner isn't on this site. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/ford/mustang/2305427.html#
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