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  1. They pop up on Ebay from time to time. Stu
  2. I'd need to know you're more about your fuel system (carb or injected), compression ratio, type of fuel you're burning, and ignition type (points or electronic) to make a call on the right plugs. All these factors contribute to performance efficiency of your motor. Stu
  3. A big shout-out to Scotty Strickland for providing the needed parts for my restoration. Stu
  4. Looking for a passenger side interior corner panel for a fold-down. thanks, Stu
  5. Do you still have the quarter trim panels that butt up to the trap door?
  6. I need the shock absorber mounting plates for the staggered rear shocks. thanks, Stu
  7. I'd like to buy the speedometer/tach cluster. Stu
  8. Looking for a 71-73 Low Tone horn that works. Please reply or PM me if you have one. thanks, Stu Ocean Springs, MS
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