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  1. Here is the one I got: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XZ1D226/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I plan on mounting it inside the car up high in the center of the back window so it can act as my full time digital rear view mirror. I hear mounting them in the licence plate they get washed out with headlights plus I want to cover some of the side blind spot areas as well.
  2. The man reached out and even apologized over some words that were spoken on a internet forum. Be a human being and accept and move forward.
  3. We made one 20 years ago for my car but I never installed it.
  4. His car has the personal passenger toe warmer option :D
  5. Look from inside the car on the passenger side if you really want to see the carnage :)
  6. I vote new intake and sniper EFI with holley distributor so sniper can control timing as well. $1500 and that car will be so much more enjoyable. I know most of this forum are die hard carb guys but do some research about the sniper before you run out and buy a new carb...
  7. Just wrap it with some of that landscaping duct tape they use to tie corrugated underground pipe together with.
  8. I did not measure but I would say a few inches. I can tell you that it will collapse forward without ever hitting the headliner. Here is a pic of the seat in the all the way forward position. I plan on recovering the back seat with the material from the 2014 as well. The style is VERY close to the original just way more comfortable with deeper buckets and bolsters.
  9. Love the seats. Currently putting the same ones in mine. Super stoked.
  10. I hope you are right. More reference: https://www.wwltv.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/swine-flu-vs-coronavirus/289-5a748d5d-2fa2-44c1-9fff-ad1c8bfb2739
  11. When was the last time the flu shut down entire countries and stock markets? Is that media hype? Fox news got this one wrong guys, face it.
  12. I wish people would quit comparing this to the flu. It is statistically far more deadly than the flu on a per capita basis. We have no real idea of how many people actually have this due to the long incubation period with no symptoms while infecting others the entire time. I am willing to bet the death toll with be far greater than the flu and then what will you say?
  13. Careful, that might be a dude in a wig.
  14. Man thats a tight fit! Did you have to do anything to the towers? What exhaust mainfolds did you use? Again, nice work!
  15. Understand the sentiment, but 'cheap DOM' is not a term I'm familiar with - DOM is DOM, expensive and very sturdy. Most extreme off-road vehicles use DOM for the their roll cages, pay handsomely for it, and I've rarely seen or heard of any issues with said roll cages, aside from crappy welding by the substandard assemblers. I think having a set of manufactured DOM-based sub frame connectors on our cars will be just fine - it's not like we're running the BAJA 1000, King of the Hammers, or anything like that. I agree. Not to mention the fact that 95% of board members do not have the shop or tools necessary to make their own so even if your time is only worth a dime an hour its still better to purchase a pre-made set.
  16. Nice work! What seats do you plan on running? Fyi, We had to cut the cut the seat risers out of mine to be able to run a more modern comfortable seat. Going with some 2013 mustang leather seats in mine and mocked up they look pretty good I think.
  17. Thanks for the replys! I pulled the trigger on the tin mans, I like how they tuck up against the floor pans as I might lower the car a bit. Do they make quite a bit of difference? I noticed several people saying it was one of their favorite mods...
  18. I am seeing Global West and Tin Man. Any opinions on these?
  19. Installing the 4R70W on the 408C and the converter will not mate to my old C4 flexplate. Can anyone shed some light as to what flexplate I might need? Attaching pics of my existing one. Being that this is a stroker, can I use an off the shelf balance weighted one or will i need to get one custom done? Thanks in advance!
  20. Follow the money guys, Do you think they would be halting sports seasons and emptying stadiums if this were not serious? Imagine the amount of money each of those games is losing for those cities? Airlines, hotels, restaurants, merchandise, I could go on and on. Do you seriously think if this was political in any way this would be the case? This is so dangerous because you can carry it without symptoms for so long and infect so many before you know you have it. Everyone has an elderly loved one or someone with a compromised immune system, have you had contact with them in the last days? I do not think we are being told the whole truth here but I am looking at the extreme actions being taken to show me how really serious this is.
  21. Looking good man! Is that an all american billet serpentine setup?
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