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  1. I have a 71 dash top with vin attached 1F05M133637 Dash top would need reconditioned if used. I can remove the vin plate if that is all that is needed. 304-481-3652 WV
  2. BURR

    72 R CODE

    Also later will have this one for sale. 1F05M133637
  3. BURR

    72 R CODE

    No motor or trans $3750 I do have the front fenders
  4. BURR

    72 R CODE

    OK thanks, we plan on yanking the R code out of the barn later this week then we will no more about. Cant see it to well at all right now.
  5. BURR

    72 R CODE

    HELLO YES I'M NEW HERE! I'm cleaning out a couple garages for a friend. Each one has a 72 mustang in it thats been their since the 90's, I don't know a lot about them yet because I haven't yanked them out from all the trash yet. One shows up as an R code MACH 1. Theirs no engine in it, although their may be one in the garage somewhere, it has some rust but doesn't appear to bad and I have not been able to see underneath yet. Looks like they only made 19 hardtop R codes. The seats are their but not much else of the interior is. The other one appears to be a 72 MACH 1 fastback, it does have a V8 in it but not much interior other than seats. I will post some pics when we pull them out and find a little more about the shape their in. I was looking for someone that can ball park their value after I get some pics and find out more about them.
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