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  1. Hi All im wanting to get thruster rims in nine inch wide what is the required backspace as i want to keep tire inside the wheel arch pic for reference
  2. Thanks all have now sourced the part and its black also which is a bonus now just need to wait for it to arrive
  3. Hi All i am missing this piece of window trim surround on the drivers side any help on what it is called so i can search where to buy one thanks from Australia Cheers cameron
  4. Thanks David i see you are a fellow queenslander i may wait till december to tackle this then as i have a 2 school formals to do in november will let you know how i go
  5. Hi i recently bought my mach 1 and it didnt have the chrome rails just a pushon chrome sticker i have since new replacement rails to install and wondering do i need to remove the glass to be able to do this i also notice you mention rubber seals the rails didnt have that so will i need to get these also thanks Cam
  6. Thanks for the info mine is installed correctly then cheers Cam
  7. Hi all i bought my mach 1 recently and have heard people say on forums about spoilers being installed back to front i am wondering which is the correct way Thanks
  8. Thanks everyone my mechanic has sorted out the key cant wait to get it registered and start cruising
  9. Hi all, We are very excited that our 73 mustang arrived from california today. The car has arrived in tiptop condition, however the key will not come out of the ignition and the ignition barrel will not turn all the way to the lock position. Is this common and any help would be appreciated as it has stumped us all in how to remove the key. The car is at the mechanics to get the roadworthy and even they cant seem to get it out at this stage.
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