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  1. Hi All, I am still searching for my original BOSS motor R143028 probably removed in Florida. The motor number will be stamped on the drivers side of the block below the head. Any help greatly appreciated. Regards
  2. Hi I use 98 Octane, she goes well. Some photos below. Regards
  3. I have a Grabber Yellow BOSS 351 built 23 Nov 1970 and it is in the land down under. I have nearly owned it for four years and I believe one of the driving forces (pardon the pun) was I had multiple Matchbox Grabber Yellow BOSS Mustangs (flutes through the black bonnet/hood) which I still have a number of. 71-73 are a great design and super tough and having owned multiple Australian Falcon Hardtops and a 69 Mach 1 the 71-73 is my favourite. Regards
  4. Hello All, Need some guidance. I believe backspace on early Mustang Rims need to be 4" does this apply to 71-73? It seems most rims for early Mustangs now have 4.5". Will a 9.5" rim fit under the rear of a Fastback or best to stick with 8"? All assistance greatly appreciated. Regards
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