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  1. Hello All, I’m trying to be a diligent and law abiding member of the forums and I understand introductions are in order. I am the now 5th owner of a 1972 351CJ “Q code” 4 speed Mach 1. The car is wimbleton white with black stripes, black standard interior (has been upgraded to deluxe) and it is and original fold down seat and console car. Open 3.50? Rear. Also has upgraded magnum wheels but I have a full set of original hubcaps x6 and the original wheels. I even have a full set of G70x14 NOS!!!!! Firestone wide ovals that came with the car, never mounted Honestly it looks like i time capsule. It even has a promotional book of matches that came with the car, and not a match had be struck!? Maybe it’s newer? But I found that neat. I was provided ever single piece of paper you could imagine for the car, even a set of instructions to install a car seat because the original owner had a newborn. The person I bought it from was one of those guy you dream of buying a car from, kept every original part and new where everything went. And also had every piece of paper ever. The parts that came with it filled the rest of my garage and I’m sad to say my 86 Camaro is slightly buried. But she understands right? The car was mechanically checked, headers installed, manifolds were cracked. Holly avenger carb re jetted, msd ignition drop in distributor, plugs wires etc. When I bought he car it put 32. Hp to the rear wheels. Now it’s putting down 217hp and 282 lbs of torque. Likely needs a bigger carb. But all I do is drive it to work the gym and home. Anyway, I know these cars reasonably well but not like most of you, so thanks in advance for the help, the laughs and the education I’m sure will come.
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