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  1. Hi, Here are some photos of the shaving and a big chunk. Very shiny new looking. The largest one is about size of my thumb nail
  2. Thanks everyone. I appreciate your time. We assumed it was serious and this was what the course of action would be. Was just making sure and hoped for a 'Hail Mary'.
  3. Hello all, You all have helped out with a previous problem and need more help. In December my 73 Vert with a 351c suddenly stopped running while driving it. When I tried to start it on the side of the road it just would not turn over (had electrical power). After help on here it was in fact the pin in the distributor that snapped. We place a new one in. Tried to start her and it almost caught, but would not turn over. We looked and and the pin snapped again. After looking in past threads it looked like the oil pump. When my friend and I went to replace the oil pump (not easy to get to!) found a lot of metal shavings in the oil pan, which we know is not a good sign. A few of the smallest ones where magnetic but there were a few larger ones, about the size of a thumbnail, that were not magnetic and appear to be aluminum and very malleable. I have no idea how long they had been in there. I bought the car about a year ago and don't much of its history except that a 351c was dropped in it at some point, probably in the 90s from what we could tell on some old parts. So, what should we expect, be looking for.... any advice would be great. We just don't want to put it back together to find out we have a problem to deal with still. I am sure I forgot to add something so will be happy to give more info! Thanks, John
  4. Thanks to suggestions. Taking not and will start looking at it all. David- The oil is about time for change anyway. And the ignition coil I took out was rusted and in bad shape. The can had a 351c dropped into it around the 90s during a rebuild back then from what we can tell. Thanks everyone. I made a list and will start going through it.
  5. Hello Everyone, Have a problem with my '73. I search past info and got some ideas but could use input. Situation: Took the Mustang out for a Christmas dive with my father-in-law in sunny Central Florida. Everything running great. As the temperature dropped (it's a 'vert) I popped on the heat at a traffic light (not sure if this matters but seems like it might connect). After a light turned green I made a right turn and gunned it, everything went dead with no warning. No sputtering nothing, just cocked out (had electrical working). Fortunately, I was able to coast into a closed auto parts store (with no power steering that was fun). It at least gave enough room for the tow truck to bring it home. I checked fluids again at that time and all looked good. Tried to start and just would not turn over. Yesterday replaced the ignition coil (which was ancient) and did not help. I saw this in this forum and the tow driver thought the same. Taking off the air filter hosing I noticed a puff of white smoke when trying to start. I read that this could be from radiator leaking into carb. I check the radiator and half full (it was fine when it broke down and cooled). I checked the dipstick for oil and it looked normal and smelled normal (I am going to change oil this weekend to make sure it is fine). I looked around the carb and did not see anything out of the ordinary, but I did not do anything but a surface exam. **I am hoping for some good news as I am worried this is NOT good** Car info: 1973 vert. 351c (this was added in the 90s). I bought it in Jan 2020. I am very raw at working on the car. Learning, but it at times feels overwhelming and have had it taken to other to work on (trusted family or garages). I do have a friend helping me out as he has time. If any other info is needed please let me know and I can tell you what I know. Any help or input would be great! John Winter Garden, Florida
  6. Ok. Took more photos. (As a stressed out teacher should probably step away but I had more time this weekend to look at it and it is driving me crazy ). In these photos I followed what I am positive is the line from the convertible switch. The line had a split. In the second photo it is a dead end. Then the other part of the lines goes to the end what looks to be a fuse or ground? Even thought the positive part of the starter solenoid has linked wires I am wondering if the mechanic working on it disconnected the positive for the switch and the line maybe goes nowhere somewhere else. That would mean while there is a wire attached to the positive it might not run anywhere now? He bound them all up so I would have to unbind them but before I do that wanted to send updated photos. I know one person said the solenoid is upside down but that might just be how the photo came across. Also I do believe the voltage regulator is grounded, I just could not get good photo. So from these photos did are mechanic not hook back up the convertible wire to a hot link? I also added some more with the voltage regulator, as well.
  7. I took it off and look to be all hooked up.
  8. Is there a specific location of this circuit breaker? I bet that is the problem.
  9. Hi Judge, Here are some photos. Tried to take as many as possible from different angles. I'm starting to think our mechanic inadvertently did something when binding the wires. Had a hard time tracking the convertible wire. Thanks for any input. I really appreciate it.
  10. Hi everyone, You all have been a big help for a novice in the past so I have a new item. I had a bunch of work done on my 73 vert. The electrical work included new wiring, starter relay and new alternator (I did the starter before this work was done). The mechanic did nothing to the convertible mech, but when I went to get the car the power switch did not work to put the top down. There appeared to be no power to the motor. I am still leaning to work on her, so I have several questions and any ideas and suggestion/advice would be great: -I checked the starter relay and it look like the wire for the switch is reattached on the correct side. -It was suggested by a neighbor that the wire might have a fusible link. I started to look for this and so far have not seen it, but need more time when not rushed. If that is the problem, do I just get a new one and splice it in or do I need to run a whole new wire from the switch to the starter relay? -I am really green, especially with electrical work. I never even used a multi-tester. So any advice or tips on that would be great. Thanks in advance. You all have been great in helping so me and others. I hope I explained everything, if not let me know and I will add more. Thanks, John
  11. Thanks for all the help and the welcome to the site. I was excited to find this forum. When I bought the car the paperwork said it was a 351w and I took it for granted. I ran the VIN last night and it said it should have a 6 cyl. So it looks like it it did have an engine swap long ago since it doesn't look recent at all After lots of googling it looks to be a 351c that was placed in it. Thanks for the heads up as I am learning. After teaching and coaching so long you get very comfortable and always seem to know what is going on- this is a rare occasion to be having to learning so much and feeling a little lost! it is humbling...but fun! i am glad to have somewhere to come for advice and help. Thanks all! John Winter Garden, Florida
  12. Hello, I am new to the whole classic car world. After saving my whole teaching career for a classic, I fell in love with a '73 Mustang Convertible 351w 3 speed automatic that was mostly restored and went all in to get the beauty, back in January. I am also blessed with a friend who is always rebuilding a car, so he has been helping me out since my last car I worked on was in college ('84 Plymouth Duster). My question: I need a new starter. I see some remanufactured from places like O'Reilly's and such places for less that $70. I also see some like Powermaster and other on websites for around $290. Some say it doesn't matter and don't over pay, other say to get the better one. After talking to some people I hear mixed feeling about going either way, so I thought I would come here with people that actually own a Mustang for your all's opinion. Any help and input would be appreciated.
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