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  1. Pulled the rear end out today to get rebuilt and put 3.50 gears in, ordered rear disc conversion, 2" drop leafs, new fuel tank and rims and tires. All i wanted to do was weld up a small crack on the rear frame rail and and fix a leak in the diff then things kind of got out of hand.
  2. I took the car out first drive in years , pulled into the parking lot to get beer and heard the loudest bang which was something in the dif deciding it didnt want to live anymore. Bummer about the diff but pretty happy i got it running.
  3. How did she run? hopefully Like a scared cat 2 of the wires were mixed up after that was sorted out i was pleasantly surprised
  4. Today i tig welded my rusty battery tray, put in a new red top optima, and fired it up for the first time in probably 2 yrs.
  5. Almost fired up today, low fuel pressure going to un hook the fuel line tomorrow and blow it out and throw a red top optima in and just keep cranking!
  6. It probably hasnt been started in about 2 or 3 yrs.
  7. I found this forum awhile ago but haven't done an introduction yet. I recently acquired my late fathers 71 mach 1 which i have wanted for the past 30yrs but under different circumstances. Once i dig it out from the garbage pile in the garage and fix the ignition/steering column issue i cant wait to take it for a drive. Car has 351c 2v heads, .272 isky cam, edlebrock intake, holley 650 carb, 3:83 gears with 9" posi, fmx with shift kit and coil overs on all four corners.
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