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  1. My friend’s car was stolen but he had left an iPhone in the trunk. The car was located within minutes. Might provide some piece of mind. Aaron
  2. I had this but I was trying to bolt the flywheel in backward. That’ll mess ya up. I’m sure that isn’t your issue, though. Hope you get it worked out. Aaron.
  3. If you haven’t ordered anything yet, I have a set for you to consider. I ran an 83 F350 fan clutch on a 9 bladed 2000 Ford Ranger 3.0 fan. I have since moved on to dual electric SPAL with a variable speed controller. I ran this combo on the 2018 Hot Rod Power Tour. Not sure how to get it to Madison VA but if you have someone coming through Fairmont WV, I’d be willing to meet. Aaron
  4. Hello, thought I’d introduce myself. I’m new to the site and while I don’t actually own a 71-73 Mustang, I do have a 71 Cougar. Many parts are shared between the models. I typically learn what parts aren’t shared after I buy them... I have amassed a fair amount of knowledge and a pile of parts from my project. Most are parts that I took off while some were purchased and never used as I went a different direction or found that the part didn’t fit. I am looking for a glovebox striker if anyone has one laying around. See y’all on the forum. Aaron Email is aaronford1@yahoo.com if it becomes important.
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