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  1. Just got my FMX bask from Trans shop. They had it for almost 2 months. Seals dry, clutches had hot spots and reverse band bad... After getting back shop told me to replace converter due to no engagement concerns.... Pissed me off cause I was ready to install it. Son recommends upping stall from old 2200-2400 and go to 2400-2800. Any comments? Now looking for converter, as it seat on jack stands most of the summer. Alan L
  2. Has anybody modified drivers seat positioning. It feels like I'm sitting on the floor. Would love to raise my seat to a more upright setting. The rear bolts are horizonal secured, so would a steel bracket be safe. Does any other seat tracks work?
  3. Welcome to the world book of 71-73 mustangs. I try with little success to be an active member after 10 years on board. Now retired and still no time for much fun. Not2Old is a 72 Mach up graded H code with little matching Marty report. Living near Myrtle Beach S.C. and hoping mustang week will not be cancelled like last year, and hope to meet more members if attend. Need to make forum more a part of my day. Everyone stay safe Alan L
  4. I have a FMX from a Torino in my mustang. The speedometer reads about 10 percent too high. Would a taller or shorter tire improve the reading or just change speedo gear. I would like a wider tread running 245-60's now.
  5. When leaking pinion seal replaced does it come with a new crush nut and washer? What touque spec for nut.
  6. Still need to replace rusting fuel line from pump to carb and hard wire fuse link and fuse box...we have return line to canister so no regulator.
  7. Installing a holley mini max good up to 400HP. 5-7 psi. I mounted it on the frame rail front down arch 45 degree towards tank at steel gas line
  8. Installing electric fuel pump. Not getting enough fuel at full throttle and vapor lot with high temps hot soak restarts
  9. Hello again to current and new members. We retired in December and moved to Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina. Our house and honey do list took about three months to complete, but we are now pretty much set. The COVID 19 has brought my son and 5 granddaughters here from hot spot in Maryland so things have changed a little. Weather here is great so I now plan to spent more time with the Mach If wife lets me lollerz . Want to install A/C and window tint. Also want to change over to electric fuel pump and fan... Seems to stave alittle at higher RPM's So look forward to becoming active again and welcomed back to my old friends, and new ones to come. Alan L.
  10. O Let my son take the Mach out for a run today. Took his brother to witness. They both have Dodge SRT8's.One Charger other has Challenger. They got home and said the engine sounds great and keeps on pulling even at high speeds. Said has problem because speedometer stops at 120 as they showed me video of the dash. "We had to let off due to traffic" I now hide my keys. Has 2.73 single gears, so not quick off the line but has great top end. They still want me to add gears so I can spin both tires
  11. OK, my original engine code was H, but have added intake and now 4v carb. mild cam upgrade and headers. Heads are 30 over and new forged pistions. When I look up parts do I still check H code or Q or R code now with upgrades? Alan L.
  12. Found one for 71-73 mustangs complete less belt but with idler pulley $1400. Did you find idler through them?
  13. still for sale NOS full passenger rear quarter panel and aftermarket driver's lower rear panel. both sides rear 1/4 glass with mounting attached Alan L. will add pictures soon
  14. Since I'm moving south we need a/c added to enjoy on hot days. Seen a few how to's, but need to know what to stay away from. Buy universal kit or 71-73 kit. Price is very different and is it worth the extra $500. I can do it all myself having upgraded most of the car myself...... As usually the request I will send new pic's Alan L.
  15. Hello to all whom remember me and all new or not so members. 72 Mach is well and relocating. I will be retiring in September and becoming a real cruiser. Bought a home near Myrtle Beach and will settle at the end of the month. Car is running well but temp climbs at long lights as most. Will get back to posting soon once we get back to normal. My have to give up my tag when I relocate to SC Alan L. NOT2OLD
  16. Most mechanical system are working now, and I have finally got confidence that the car will get me home. I have driven more miles this year then the past 8 years I've she's been road ready. I've said it before and will repeat it, "still jump in the seat from horns going off from other drivers who like my car". I have painted my lower 1/4's and NASA hood black. Pictures will follow soon. Alan L.
  17. After replacing circuit board for dash and upgrading cluster bulbs, my headlights were inop. After reading some of our posts on the subject I order a new headlight and dimmer switch. First replacing the switch, lights were still out. To my surprise the dimmer was the cure. Just glad I ordered both, even though the switch had corrosion. Alan L.
  18. Want to paint my hood and lower body panels for more aggressive look. Can't decide on BOSS full blackout or just center typical NASCAR. Changes don't matter because nothing except trans and rear match the build sheet. Also on the fence about gloss or matt finish. Help with feed back. Alan L.
  19. Well it's wonders what correct parts will do to performance. Have always had a hard long crank hard to start problem till now. Overhauled new carb to correct float bowl draining, hotter plugs, adjust choke setting and high torque mini starter to fix hot soak starts. Seatbelt on gas in the tank and off we go. Not many 71/73 's in my area, and I stopped for a soda to cool off. Two customers getting gas asked to take a picture, and a girl started to cry saying "I had one of those from my dad , but my husband made me sell it to by a vette". :@ ALMOST FORGOT THE JOY OF JUST CRUISING. Only wish I had a/c. Alan L.
  20. After driving and up to temp, if I shut down motor my starter drags and won't crank. I know my headers heat up the starter. It takes about 1/2 hour before it cools enough to crank. Should I purchase a high torque starter , starter heat shield or both ? Alan L
  21. Hi members, trans fixed and new drip stick seal. Replace old standard coil with super coil for instant starts. Replace leaking tank sender seal and another new battery. Drove more miles this weekend then in the last 2yrs. I wish I could get use to horns sounding at me. Scares the heck out of me with our poor visibility. lollerz Now need to fix dash lights, heater fan, and washer pump. Just glad to be back on the road. Alan L
  22. Hello to those who know me and to those who don't. I went and took my 72 mach back from the Ford Dealer where my son works at. He's had the car for 6 months for trans work. All the old timers at his shop offered to do odds and end work on the car for free just for the pleasure of memories. But of course it never happened. The trans (FMX) is about 90 % full functional (speedo off and no kick down) but I am driving at least. My new concern is temp goes hot at long idling times. Only have a 4-blade fan, but my son wants me to add an electric fan on toggle when temp climbs. A thoughts or suggestions? Anyone added an extra fan and any tips? Thanks to all Alan L.
  23. I have a pair off my 1972 4v manifolds both in good condition. Let me know if your still looking. Alan L.
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