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  1. D0AE-8146-A fan shroud for a 429 car. Overall great shape, but there is a small crack at each mounting tab at the top. No other real issues. I'll take a serious offer that makes it worth shipping. Thanks.
  2. Here's the inside of the radiator. I have a 3 row Champion that will be replacing this tomorrow. Question is, is this OEM radiator worth cleaning out and saving? It doesn't really overheat or leak. Just probably doesn't flow the best.
  3. Have do do multiple posts to add enough photos. I liked the old site better for adding photos.
  4. Then I drained the radiator down some and investigated the T-Stat and checked for the plate. T-Stat was a 180 Degree. I'm replacing with a 192. The plate was there, and in good overall shape so I left it in vs. destroying it getting it out. So the T-Meyer T-Stat will go in, and the factory plate will remain.
  5. Hope you are all well, staying safe, healthy and wearing your masks when needed. Sadly, out here in Arizona, many didn't choose to listen to the doctors and scientists, and we're the current hot spot in about 3 different ways out here now. Finally got some time with the car again. First thing I did was block off the exhaust ports in the my new Blue thunder intake. I'll be glad to keep more heat away from the carb. Pretty much did it just as Stanglover suggested. I used 1/8" thick 304 Stainless for the plates and used the High Temp JB Weld for smoothing and gap fill. Photo is from BEFORE the JB Weld filled the gaps. I'm happy with it.
  6. Is it me or is the RECENT STATUS UPDATES bar to the right of the main screen showing PM's between members where paypal accounts, addresses, and other private info is being exchanged???
  7. My teenagers love that internet quality, but they hate the control I have over it now. I love it, I can block one kid without bothering the other, or block certain devices, set bed times, etc. Can even shut them down when I'm business travelling if need be. Fantastic product!
  8. You need a mesh system. I use eero. It kicks butt. We have the 3 beacon one, and I added 2 additional beacons. Expensive, but killer coverage anywhere including the garage, front yard, back yard, etc.
  9. They are original with wire looms and deflectors.
  10. I thought they already were, so I'll say they should probably be stripped or cleaned.
  11. Thinking about going a different direction so testing the market. What do you think a set of OEM BOSS 351 Valve covers would go for? Original baffles inside, and correct plug wire separators included. They do not have the stickers or stamping on them and would probably need cleaned or stripped.
  12. Yup. And they won't even look physically damaged sometimes, They'll just leak from being slightly out of round. Have also seen "perfect" cheapo seals leak too. I'd verify what ones they used to make sure they used quality seals.
  13. While we're on the subject of oil, can I break forum etiquette and politely hijack for a moment? Am I the only one who when he shuts down his Cleveland it sounds like there's a dang rainstorm going on in the oil pan? I've never had a car that is so loud with oil returning to the pan. I don't know how long it lasts, but it seriously sounds like it's raining in there. I've just never heard that on any other car I've owned, driven or worked on. It's pretty dang loud.

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