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  1. I've heard these existed. Hadn't actually seen one. Clearly, it looks like Ford got away from these, as none of them are available like this now. The plan was to replace my purple stripe with a new purple stripe that's adjustable. I heard purple was the best for cars with low vacuum, which mine is definitely one of. Was that the purpose of the 2nd port, or was it some other reason? Did other colors have this also? Additionally - I heave seen a couple of teardown videos where the person doing the rebuild states that the black is the best all around valve, and the only one they use. What
  2. Got the new fuel pump on. Good thing I needed to change the oil anyway because the oil filter had to come off to give me some room. The A/C compressor and PS pump block all access from the top. Every time I see a non-A/C car under hood photo I'm jealous of all the room they have. That A/C compressor is a beast. I took the time to install the new T-Meyer fitting that lets you run the higher flow oil filter. I do have a leak at the back of the PS pump where the fitting enters the pump. Probably just a seal. Gonna need to address that at a different time. Have not fired it up yet. My
  3. No worries John. I figured it was worth a quick 3 second investigation of your new pump before you put it in and hooked it up. Let us know how it goes. I hope to get my Delphi pump here tomorrow, and will still be checking for this before I put it in.
  4. Hey Jpaz, Watch this video and look at the comments. I'd inspect that Carter before you put it in. Seems like quite a few people running into this with their pumps. Skip to 2 minutes in the video.
  5. While waiting on the new fuel pump I decided to inspect the fuel filter (was fine), then bypassed it and the Summit regulator. Just wanted to eliminate them from the equation and not have any surprises. Max I could get running straight from the FP to the carb was just under 4. RPM's didn't change the reading either. Within 2-3 minutes all the pressure bleeds off, but carb bowls remain at the right level. Gotta have a hole in the diaphragm as suspected. EDIT - Also just looked underneath and what do you know. Starting to leak externally. Just a drop, but it's there.
  6. Is that coolant sitting in the rim of your can in the 2nd photo Geoff?
  7. I signed up for an account, and still could not find a place to enter the discount code.
  8. That's some crazy timing right there. Good thing your leak was external and you noticed it right away though. Since we have a Carter and Delphi both going in from Rock Auto at the same time, we'll have to remember this post and see which one lives longer. LOL
  9. I'll do that. I know they can be re-built and it may be worth doing for sure if they don't make these anymore.
  10. They can. Although the external leak is far more common. But like I said, I don't have an external leak. I do have fuel in the oil and super inconsistent fuel pressure though. Could be a bad diaphram, but they way it's on and off, I'm actually wondering if it might not be the springs on the arm. I'll find out once I pull it.
  11. "A fuel pump with a defective diaphragm may be torn or have developed holes from wear. These tears or holes allow fuel to escape past the diaphragm and exit the fuel pump housing. A leaking fuel pump can be noticed as fuel droplets or puddles on the ground and a strong smell of gasoline when the car is running." Boy, that sentence in red jumps right out. Anyone that knows my "Timing Frustrations" thread knows that I've been chasing this from day 1 of brining the car home. Also the lack of being able to dial in a carb (your pick of 3 different ones now) and keep it dialed in.
  12. I went ahead and ordered this Delphi unit from Rock Auto as well. I didn't see where anything else was worthy of extra $ or wait. Thanks!!
  13. Right??? I'm not having the leaking issue he was, unless it's internal. Just very inconsistent fuel pressure even with a Summit regulator. I have had fuel in the oil, but always assumed that was from washing down the cylinders. Maybe not.
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