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  1. If you want to send some photos that's great. Motorcity is looking for a bent up one as well. Ball is in his court presently. If he comes up with a set, he was next in line. Thanks, Chris
  2. LOL. I was just playing because it looked like you answered your own question. Made me chuckle and think of that song.
  3. Thanks! I'll look into that. I know I threw something out of adjustment when I replaced the engine and tranny mounts. Just wasn't sure what. I do have Hooker long tubes, but nothing hitting them currently.
  4. 1F178262 1F173262 Those are the only other two I would guess with the 5 actually being a 6.
  5. Any way to permanently remedy this? I searched the site, but didn't come up with much. Thanks!
  6. Sounds good guys. I'll take a set of the turn signal housings themselves if you have them also.
  7. Hoping someone has a fubar front valance that the turn signal brackets could be removed from and shipped. No point in shipping the whole valance. Photos below for examples.
  8. Looks like my best bet is to find a set of these brackets from an otherwise roached 71-72 valance.
  9. It certainly seems like there are some "landing pads" for lack of a better term that I could use for mounting/alignment. The 73 urethane bumper hangs pretty low though. I'd like to make those the markers, and keep my turn signals up where they are, just split them. With these new LED's, even with the electronic flashers, when the markers are on, the turn signals don't really "flash" it's more of just a pulse and I don't care for it. Perfect when the markers are off, and perfect in the back regardless. Just those that bother me.
  10. Run any fuel treatment through it lately? Maybe break some gunk loose? Do you have any teflon tape on any of your fittings? Maybe broken down teflon tape? I have heard that can definitely cause issues like this.
  11. I run my QF 735 with the fuel level in both bowls right at the bottom of the sight plugs. I used to run them middle and then lowered them during the sorting of various other issues that you all have helped me through. I can't say it's made an ounce of difference either way honestly. I'm another +1 on the needle and seat though. Seems very common for the issue John is describing. I replaced my fuel pump a while back and I think without the FP regulator I was reading way too high at 12psi. Double the 6 we need. That would be my next move if the needle and seat doesn't fix it.
  12. I'd be super interested in doing something similar. Will the 71-72 turns bolt right up to the 73? Or are you fabbing some brackets?
  13. I read this on another post from 2014 and it worked with ease. The ignition lock collar and mechanism are either out of adjustment or disconnected. Just grab the ring ( the part of the column an inch or so behind the steering wheel) and turn it counter-clockwise as far as it will go...your key should be able to be turned back and removed now.
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