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  1. I liked the old site better too. Still can't get used to this new one. I'm on many different boards for many different things, and I thought the old 71-73 site was PERFECT. Best of them out there.
  2. Cool. I had that thought, but just wanted to see if I was on the right track. I'll do it. Thanks!!
  3. What's the best way to measure how tall your air cleaner housing can be? I swapped out the intake manifold to one that's 1" taller, so I know reducing by 1" would work, but If I knew there was some wiggle room in there and only needing to modify the cleaner housing by say 3/4" would work, that would be better. What have you guys found works best as a way to measure height from top of the carb to the ram air panel under the hood??
  4. I got the top side looking legit by going right/right instead of both going Inside or outside. The bottom brackets still need a little work, but I'll post whatever I come up with when I'm done. It shifted the radiator right a bit more than it was, but that actually centered it better on the fan and gave me more equal distance Left,right,top,bottom with the fan blades.
  5. If you decide to start making them and selling them, count me in.
  6. That's interesting. My problem side is the driver's side. To use the bracket as intended, the outer set of holes has the radiator sitting right on the edge of it, an a bit high on that end. The inner set has it sitting way too high, as well. I have 3 options. Drill a 3rd set of holes, dead in the middle, The bracket sits there perfectly. Use the bracket without modification. Modify the bracket somehow to make it sit lower. Notch the tabs on the bottom of the radiator and use the set of inner holes. - I'll probably do this one. This keeps me from adding holes to the car or modifying the bracket. Although I do think I'm still going to get a 2nd short bracket for the top.
  7. I have the rubber spacers. I may try to hunt down another short bracket and run two shorts on top for a more snug look on both. I like where my passenger side lower bracket is, but not fond of the lower driver's side. I may need to modify that one. There is a second set of holes for the lowers too, but it seems like the inner on that one is just too far in. I'll have to play around with it.
  8. Thanks Tony. Yes, I see you are on both inners, longer of the two brackets on the right side. Looks like your left side is on the wedge, and the right side is flat on the top. I'll try to replicate this and see how things line up on the bottom. I may need to adjust the bottoms as well. Thanks for the photo!!
  9. I did note the two locations, neither seemed great. I would absolutely love to see how yours are installed. Thanks!!
  10. Anyone with a Champion radiator do something other than the stock brackets? They don't line up well, one is longer than the other and the hold the radiator forward unlike the stock radiator of the same thickness. Would like to see what others with aftermarket radiators, particularly Champion have done. Thanks!!
  11. The 300 1995 Cobra R blocks were pulled from the marine division I was always told. Something about the way they were made being slightly more robust or durable in some way or another. I have the same motor in my 1995 boat. Has GT40 heads, but a cam more similar to the Lightning's as torque is more desired in a marine application than top end HP. Hands down the most reliable, trouble free motor I've ever owned. Love my Windsor.
  12. Hey Geoff, I was certainly hoping to have one graft one in. I don't get a bad drone at all. Interesting observation on the 2" diameter. I'll try to do some research on how large the cross pipe should be in relation to the main pipes.
    I have an original copy of this one.
  13. Here's what mine sounds like currently. I love the sound, but exhaust scavenging is what I'm after. My sounds is great I feel, but can't see where the H would hurt it. https://youtu.be/B3-S90c7R4Q
  14. Sounds awesome. I could be wrong, but the guitar playing style has some Joe Satriani or Marty Friedman influences in to it to my ears.
  15. What does everyone have on their Clevelands? Right now I have ceramic coated Hooker long tubes, Then 2.5" straight all the way back to the Flowmasters, then out. So clearly no exhaust scavenging taking place. I know all the newer vehicles run X- Pipes, but I see a decent amount of H-Pipes on the older models. Whatcha Got??
  16. Soooooo.... Where were we again???? Been a while on this one. My fault. Been working a lot and it's been over 105 degrees in the garage even with fans running so I've not done much. However, today I finally got around to verifying TDC. Ordered a Piston Stop...What, two months ago?? Been sitting on my desk. Now my guess was that the marks on the balancer were going to be off. I felt like due to the fuel smell in the exhaust, and also the fact that I was running warm(other thread), I was running more retarded that I thought I was by at least a few degrees. Could explain both. Incomplete burn causing the smell and also running hot. Also figured that I was under timed and was over compensating using the idle screw on the carb, exposing too much of the transfer slot (this may still be the case). I've been doing a lot of reading this last couple of months, even though not working on the car a lot. So... Imagine my surprise when I was dead-nuts ZERO. I know that's good, but I was seriously almost hoping to be 4 degrees off, add 4 to my previous 16, set her at 20, and boom done. Problem solved. (I rotated it a little after the marking just for the photo. Did the test twice. I'm confident these marks are true.
  17. Static-X did just release...Project Regeneration. That's what I would call this car.
  18. What did I do to my Mustang today? Nothing. It's 113 outside and 105 in the garage. I'm too grumpy in those temps to work on the car.
  19. Here's the inside of the radiator. I have a 3 row Champion that will be replacing this tomorrow. Question is, is this OEM radiator worth cleaning out and saving? It doesn't really overheat or leak. Just probably doesn't flow the best.
  20. Have do do multiple posts to add enough photos. I liked the old site better for adding photos.
  21. Then I drained the radiator down some and investigated the T-Stat and checked for the plate. T-Stat was a 180 Degree. I'm replacing with a 192. The plate was there, and in good overall shape so I left it in vs. destroying it getting it out. So the T-Meyer T-Stat will go in, and the factory plate will remain.
  22. Hope you are all well, staying safe, healthy and wearing your masks when needed. Sadly, out here in Arizona, many didn't choose to listen to the doctors and scientists, and we're the current hot spot in about 3 different ways out here now. Finally got some time with the car again. First thing I did was block off the exhaust ports in the my new Blue thunder intake. I'll be glad to keep more heat away from the carb. Pretty much did it just as Stanglover suggested. I used 1/8" thick 304 Stainless for the plates and used the High Temp JB Weld for smoothing and gap fill. Photo is from BEFORE the JB Weld filled the gaps. I'm happy with it.

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