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  1. I've been wanting to do this. Where did you get the brushes at?
  2. Wow! Salt trucks for snow that was going to be around for less than 24hrs. Ouch. That sucks.
  3. Oh $hit. My reputation is definitely on the line now.😂 I hope they work out for you guys as well as they did for me. 😁
  4. Be very gentle in pulling the harness connectors off the old lights. Like a lot of the under hood plastic components, the hard plastic connectors are brittle and the connectors have probably been hooked up to those lights for a very long time. They don't like to let go easily. Go slow.
  5. Unplug the old ones, plug the new ones right in. No harness or adapter needed.
  6. Awesome! Do me a favor if you can. Can you easily put one light on a relay and have the other one off the relay? I'd like to see if there is a difference. I've got the relay kit as well, but have not used it yet because I went LED, but if it still helps boost the brightness even more, I will add it.
  7. I have not done any yet, but I changed these in advance of some meets that will be taking place in the evenings once we get into the 110+ degree temps out here.
  8. Great point as they typically start hitting the car lots in Oct/Nov.
  9. From what I can find on mine which are essentially the same as what I linked Geoff to These lights are roughly 1.5-1.8A and the wattage is roughly 40W per bulb.
  10. These would be the equivalent. H4 - No Fan - Plug and Play. Probably the exact same part in a different box with a different name on it. You can see how it has the shade on top of the low beam for a crisp cutoff line so you don't blind other drivers. https://www.amazon.com/SEALIGHT-Headlight-Conversion-Xenon-6000LM/dp/B071R3KTBB/ref=sr_1_3?_encoding=UTF8&c=ts&dchild=1&keywords=Automotive+Headlight+Bulbs&qid=1618966536&refinements=p_89%3ASEALIGHT&rnid=2528832011&s=automotive&sr=1-3&ts_id=15730151
  11. The Hella kit comes with Halogens and the boots for the halogens, that I just put in a drawer. I really just wanted those globes. 71-73 are the same. H4 connectors and 7" globes. Insane amount of different cars ran those back in the day. Super common.
  12. Geoff, Hang tight. I can't find them on Amazon now either. Even if I click my order, it takes me to a different part number. Grr.
  13. I bought these items on Amazon because I wanted LED without the look of the new ones with halos and goofy colors and stuff. I wanted to retain a original look but reap the benefits of LED. The item says fog lights, but they are really hi/low. --This is without relays.
  14. Mine is a 73 model year but was a very early build 73 with an actual production date of Dec. 22, 1972. This one was black over the Teal. I'm not sure if this one came on the car or if it was replaced at some point. Impossible to say. I went with the color underneath figuring that had the better shot at being original. It's also a bit more unique so I like that aspect as well. My car doesn't look 100% stock anymore anyway.
  15. Thanks for the tip on the paint! She came out looking pretty darn good in my opinion!
  16. I'm going to use Eastwood Aluma Blast on my bracket. I like the look. Bought the teal paint from NPD. Hopefully both here by the time I get back from my biz trip to San Francisco.
  17. I like the aluminum bracket look because my A/C compressor right above it is also unpainted. I may strip my bracket down too.
  18. Was the bracket typically not painted as shown in the photo? Mine is black. (Edit: Just realized that's not a stock bracket.)
  19. I think the previous owner may have painted this a different color at some point. Some cleaning has revealed a blueish color underneath. Is this the color they were originally? And if so, does anyone sell it in a rattle can? Thanks!
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