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  1. Sadly, I agree. Chinese product across a broad spectrum of industries have seen a huge upgrade in their quality the last couple of years. The mainstream marketplace was finally starting to see Chinese product for what it was... cheap, but crap. With the improvements in quality that many of their plants are starting to put out now, the Chinese are actually becoming a bigger thereat than they ever were. Having said that I still try to buy Made in USA whenever it makes sense.
  2. Appreciate all of the suggestions and options guys. I think I'm going to go with Hemikiller's suggestion on the Duraspark setup through Rock Auto.
  3. They actually suggested that I go with the MSD 6AL box and a blaster coil. They say that's the more popular option for folks right now. So I kept the dizzy and wires on order. I'm sure the MSD box would be superior to this, correct?
  4. Well, that didn't go well..... Chris, Unfortunately the E.D. Module and Coil kit is no longer available and our website has not been updated. We can cancel this part off your order and continue with the Duraspark Distributor or we can cancel the entire order. Please advise on how you would like to proceed? Our apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you. Brian Performance Distributors (DUI) 2699 Barris Drive Memphis, TN 38132 901-396-5782
  5. I ordered it Tuesday knowing full well it will take that long, but I'm already like a kid who just can't wait for Christmas day. Is it here yet, Is it here yet????
  6. Thank you Geoff. Great info. Because we don't have 93 here, I would/will definitely drop compression ratio when/if it becomes time to fully rebuild.
  7. Currently, my brown ground wire goes from my coil to one of the studs on my valve cover. I have to imagine that's not how it's originally run, correct? Also, you are not supposed to have these coils installed horizontal, but that's how I always see them done on these Clevelands. Anyone make or have a vertical mount that works well?
  8. So one thing I probably never mentioned is that the car has been very hard to cold start also(cold or hot weather). This did drastically improve going from a carb without a choke, to a carb with a choke. But it still doesn't start as quickly as it should, and honestly these last few attempts have been harder than normal as well. The plug and coil wires that were on the car originally had very high resistance. I wouldn't be surprised at all if my coil was failing. I'm going to order a new Duraspark dizzy for sure tomorrow, but I'll probably throw on a new coil in the meantime and see how she acts.
  9. I don't mind the wait for something that will be dialed-in based on my specs. Looks like they want; Duration and lift, no problem, I'll send them my cam card. Carb size. I guess I'll give them the 600CFM that's on there now. Not sure I won't go back up in CFM's at some point though. Weight 3,500lbs. is probably about right. Octane. 91 is all I can get around here. I can't get 93. But I do add Lucas Octane booster when I fill up. The compression ratio is probably the difficult one. I'm .30 over with the 1970 DOAE-N heads that are 62.8cc with flat top pistons. No clue about head gasket thickness. Or how far down the top ring is on the piston. Any Compression Ratio guru's out there want to take a guess at a round about number?
  10. Thanks Geoff! I really like that they take all of your specs into consideration and calibrate based on them. That's very reassuring.
  11. Played around a bit more with this just a little while ago. Still getting that raw fuel smell pretty strongly, still have a vacuum of around 10-11. Since I started this thread, I've done the following; Replaced rocker arms(1980's) and pedestals(Too Short). Set pre-load. New intake manifold (Blue Thunder now) Also have 1/2" spacer under the carb 3 different carbs since starting. Original Holley SA 770 with choke milled off. (Not having the choke was a PITA) Summit 750 (Returned-Leaked) Summit 600 (On car now). Regarding dropping to the 600, really just experimenting. A lot of calculators say a 750 is way over carb'd for our motors. New cap, rotor, wires and plugs Verified dead-nuts 0 TDC with piston stop. Timing set as low as 10 and as high as 18. I went up past 24, didn't hear it ping, but wasn't comfortable running it up higher than that. Makes no sense to go that high. Also tried the method of setting the idle screw at 1800rpms then turning the dizzy to where vacuum was highest, and locking the dizzy back down and returning to normal idle. Where did I end up? 16. Where I've been through most of this. In most all circumstances with all 3 carbs, adjusting the idle screws has barely moved vacuum up if at all. Just thinking out loud, Possibly low ignition system output? Could the raw fuel smell be because I'm actually not burning hot enough? I have no problem replacing the coil and this Mallory Unilite dizzy. I haven't fully trusted it since day 1 anyway. I've been wanting to go with this for a while. https://progressionignition.com/shop/ols/products/ford-351c-v8-small-cap-distributor Temp at each cylinder on the headers is around 350-380F. Sounds low, but they are ceramic. Any idea what I should be seeing? I know this thread had a lot of action on it at one time, but I let it go cold because I haven't been working on the car much. We've had about 25+ EXTRA days of +110*F out here this summer. Most brutal summer on record for Arizona, so it's been too hot to spend a ton of time in the garage. Anyone willing to jump back in would be most appreciated.
  12. So the real question is, would the 1970 model you thought you were going to get fit a 71-73? Or could it easily be made to? I wonder what's really different about it. They don't give the length, width, height on the 71-73 model to compare.
  13. Only thing I don't like about TMI is the huge logo they put on the sides of their seats. And they would actually sell MORE if they didn't do that.
  14. I would have totally assumed the 73 was heavier. Not sure how the monster bumpers got added and it lost weight. But who knows about these internet specs. Point was that no one ever bitched about a 69 Camaro. And other than a few extra inches in length, they are close to identical.
  15. 1971 Body Length 189.5 inches Body Width 74.1 inches Body Height Hardtop 50.8 inches Body Height Fastback 50.1 inches Track Front 61.5 inches Track Rear 61.5 inches Wheelbase 109.0 inches Weight Fastback 3560 lb
  16. 1973 Stang (Biggest, Heaviest) vs. 1969 Camaro RS (That no one complains about) 351C 350 L. 193.8" 186" W. 74.1" 74" H. 50.7 51.1" Wheelbase 109.1" 108" 3,411LBS. 3,492LBS. So we're 8 inches longer on 73 with the huge bumpers. 71 and 72 would be better, but I wanted to take the biggest example. Same width. Slightly lower. 1" longer wheelbase. 81lbs. lighter. Anyone ever hear a complaint at all about the size or weight of a 69 Camaro RS or SS??? Didn't think so.
  17. Yup. That's why I flew to Tennessee for mine, rented a U-Haul and a trailer and drove it home. Stopped at Eddie's on the way home in Texas. Was nice to meet him and his wife. They owned the car since new. Had their first date in it, got married in it, taught their kids and grand kids how to drive in it. Was neat to learn their history with the car and they enjoyed seeing the car again. Can't put a price on that.
  18. I never got a response either. Hopefully someone is working on it. They might be able to set up a transaction and follow the money. They are pretty good at that. I use a VPN occasionally, but if I leave it on all the time, I start getting search results for things based in that country, so I typically don't use it.
  19. I filled it out, but they really want you to be the victim of something and to know who victimized you. So i filled it out as best I could and put this in the description box for the complaint. Not sure it will go anywhere. I was not a victim, but trying to prevent others from becoming victims. This website https://www.automall-online.com is taking legitimate car for sale listings from sites like Hemmings and others, adding the listing to their site, modifying the price, claiming to have these cars, when the car was never theirs to list in the first place. I found this out because I bought a car from a legitimate listing on Hemmings.com back in February. All went well, all is good. But I recently googled my VIN number and found my car, supposedly for sale on this site, when a. My car is not for sale, and b. It was never for sale at this price. The photos and description were lifted from the legitimate Hemmings.com listing. The photos were altered by adding the Automall-Online watermark, and the license plates were hidden. This is absolutely intentional fraud intended to receive full or partial payment on cars that are not owned or for sale by automall-online.com. This is the automall-online listing for my car that is not their car to sell and that I never gave them permission to sell. https://www.automall-online.com/cars/1973-ford-mustang-mach-1-351-4-v-cleavand-engine-15-magnums-and-bfg-tires_i624 You will also see here, that others have attempted to purchase cars through this site, and figured out the scheme, but that doesn't mean others were not victimized. https://reportscam.com/automall-onlinecom?page=2 Please feel free to contact me if I can be of help in seeing that this website is shut down and the owner of it brought to justice. Thank You.
  20. Actually, it was the guy on the REAL Hemmings ad I bought it from that couldn't spell Cleveland. They just copied the text straight from Hemmings.
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