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  1. I appreciate all the input. Justinc1973 thanks for that pic, made the choice easier. My mind is made up. shouldn't be long and i'll be able to put some pics up
  2. my 71 Mach 1 is in the paint shop, looking for opinions. I know it's my car, my choice. just looking for thoughts. It was originally Wimbledon white, Vermillion interior. I wasn't real big on the wimbledon white, so I went with polar white. No stripes on the rockers, front and rear valance also polar white. Only going to have the hood and trunk striped, and Mach 1 on fenders. Opinions on stripes, satin black or argent. staying with the vermillion interior
  3. is there any black in your interior at all, besides the dash pad ? my car's interior was out of it when I bought it, so I'm not sure about what's supposed to be red and what's not
  4. that's the way I understand it when reading it.. 485 final answer
  5. according to my Marti, 2438 with this paint code. 485 with these paint/trim codes M Paint code White paint, Ford # 1619A 5E trim code vermillion knit vinyl mach 1 bucket seats
  6. Thanks. I'm already friends with Scotty. He's a great guy !!! Thought there was one out your way.
  7. I'm getting ready to do the same repair. Where is the Mustang junkyard in N.C that you're talking about ?
  8. I'm in the same boat.. 71 mach 1, M code, Wimbledon white & vermillion interior. I'm up in the air about a color choice.
  9. does anyone know if the part of the headlight bucket that comes attatched to fender, is available to buy ? driver side has one, but not one on passenger side. wasn't sure if it was available to buy, if it could be spot welded on, or do I need to buy another fender. this 71 Mach 1 is my first build. I got a lot of the parts in boxes It was all disassembled, and primed almost ready to paint. Just trying to figure out what parts I'm going to be needing. Thanks, Bob
  10. hi TexasBoss, Did your bumper make it to the for sale forum yet ? if not could you pm me ? Thanks, Bob
  11. thanks for all the friendly greetings. I'm not big in the technolocical world, on postings pics. I'll have to get my son's help on that one. I know about the P.I.T.S show. My family is taking 3 cars up there. My wife's 05 Saleen, oldest son's 84 GT, & youngest son's 04 cobra. Hopefully the 71 will be ready for next year, maybe for myrtle beach
  12. Hi everyone, just a hands up, & hello from the Raleigh, NC area. I'm new on here, and look forward to the informational highway of help from 7173 Mustangs members & threads in making my 71 M- code a thrill to sport around in on weekends
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