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  1. Howdy, this will be my first roadtrip in my 72 coupe that I bought 8 months ago, all the major problems, tune up and electrical work has been done. She is mostly stock aside from the edelbrok 2750 intake, and double pumper carb, and has been running great around town. Just looking for some advice on tools, parts, misc to bring along. About 350 miles round trip, and 85 degree highs here in the PNW. Thanks.
  2. Right on, thanks for the input fellas. 73 Pony you mentioned using a T adaptor to keep original warning light sending unit, did you have to special order that, or should be available at local autoparts store? Also what manufacturer has help up for you as far as a electronic triple Guage setup, don't mind spending a little extra as long as it holds up. Thanks again,
  3. Just curious on what everyone is doing for guages, my gauge cluster consists of 4 warning lights, oil, temp, alt, ect.. Is anyone installing aftermarket gauges in the cluster or center dash console for better accuracy/reliability? If so, electric, or mechanical? Also what locations/ setup are you using for the sending units? Was thinking of putting a triple Guage in, but wanted to get some opions and insight. Any help is appreciated. 1972 mustang couple, 351c 2v. Thanks.
  4. As far as restoration goes, it will just be rebuilt for a weekend driver, with a few performance upgrades along the way, Also plan on a decent paint job, making it one solid color. I'm definitely for getting rid of the white, as I feel its dividing the car up in a unnatural way, not sure what the previous owner was going for. Hadn't thought about the wheels/rim's tho, and will definitely look into that. I'm also with you guys on jacking up the rear, my main concern is the flow of the car is way off, I believe the paint and rims are playing major roles in that as you guys have mentioned, and
  5. Hey guys, picked up this '72 coupe with a 351c a few months back. This is my first attempt at a classic restoration. I have seen quite a few pictures of this year/model and most look like a true muscle car, however when I look at mine it almost looks like a completely different body style. Just wondering what's holding my car back, paint, wheels, ride height, trim, my ugly mug. Thanks all, any help is appreciated.
  6. Thanks all for the replies, Yes it does still have the factory solenoid, I'll look into the summit and holley options. From my understanding a 600cfm seems about the sweet spot for a stock 351c. Was going to go with edelbrock due to most say it's pretty much dialed in from factory, this is my first classic, so I am learning as I go, as well as from others trials and tribulations. Thanks again.
  7. Spare me if this topic has been beat to death, but I am doing the edelbrock 2750 intake/ edelbrock 1406 4 barrel conversion on a stock 351 Cleveland 2v. Just trying to get some insight on any modifications or additional parts that need to be ordered so I'm not caught with my pants down. Thanks!
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