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  1. Finished my bumper and spoiler today. When I got my Mustang the front bumper had the usual chips, cracked paint, etc. I purchased a bumper kit, front and back and was going to go with the chrome front bumper.........until I saw those icky gray rubbery filler pieces needed for the chrome bumper to work. Sooooooooooo, and keep in mind I am not good with paint and such, I did my best to fix my bumper. The chips were not bad, just lots of them and very mild spider cracks in the paint. I sanded it alll down and used PC7, which I had on hand to fill in the chips. Sanded, sanded, primed with SE
  2. no info, just saw the picture on one of the Mustang facebook pages.
  3. The only thing I have ever done with brakes is step on the pedal to stop. Is replacing the rotors on our cars as easy as this video of a later Mustang? Or does this look too easy?
  4. Trying to use a new chrome bumper with the, IMO, silly rubber like fender fillers that take up the space that the chrome does not fill like the urethane bumper does. I would like to see some pictures of yours so I can see how those rubbery things should sit. Thanks
  5. when I received the console and saw it was not what I expected I contacted the seller. She then said she would contact the maker to see if an earlier one, like the one in the picture with the open storage area would fit a 71-73, factory said no. That is why I chose to keep this one and live without that open storage area and take the $40 refund from her. I thought about opening that area but when it comes down to it there would not be that much storage so why to all the trouble to so.
  6. I love the sequential Mustang tail lights, I even use my turn signal more then I should in my 2014. I would like them on my '72 but $300 just seems a little silly for me to spend and I can afford it without question, I am just not sure I want to.
  7. That is the one I ended up going with, it was a good choice.
  8. Damn that is a nice job, way beyond my skills. I will work on my urethane bumper and see if I can get her looking good, if not I may try to come up with my own fender seals.
  9. I am putting a chrome bumper on my '72, will work on the original urethane bumper in the future. It came with the body to fender seals, a soft, gray rubbery material. I see how they mount, pretty flimsy. Gray rubber color looks bad, any options? I guess the are what I have. https://www.kentuckymustang.com/product-p/3765.htm Makes me want to work on the original bumper right away. Any suggestions to make this soft seals better looking?
  10. it is an aftermarket one, offered by several of our vendors. I bought this off of https://www.cupholdersplus.com/1971-1973-ford-mustang-humphugger-console.html because their picture showed a storage opening in it. But when it arrived it was solid up top, I asked and after they checked with "the factory" that the picture was for a pre '71 Mustang. So they, like most who sell this, are the middleman for the console factory (North FL I think). When I purchased it was $280 and I ended up getting $40 back because I was not happy with them showing a picture of what I thought I was getting. Ob
  11. finished my console project today. My car came with just the shift bezel, I had picked up the mini console but I needed cup holders. Not worried about concours car, want comfort so this is my console. The shift bezel in our Mustangs, compared to other cars of the era is, IMO, GAY. This is what I came up with. Picture with the two gear lights is dark as I could not use flash, it would have washed out the red and green lights. All gears have lights, picture of console on floor is how it comes from the factory.
  12. I would rather ask then make an error My pony has a Mallory Unilite dizzy, coil is currency a MSD masterblaster 2. Coil is cruddy and I want to replace it, will this petronix do the trick? These are for "inductive" systems so not being 100% sure I would rather ask, I believe these would work???? https://www.summitracing.com/parts/pnx-45011?rrec=true https://pertronixbrands.com/products/pertronix-40111-flame-thrower-coil-40-000-volt-1-5-ohm-black-epoxy?variant=31797269200932 Thanks
  13. but when I put it in I did check when hot.........of course it was the outside temp of 94 degrees that was hot I did check it after it leaked, when it was hot and it still showed full on the dip stick.

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