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  1. Anyone know the tread pitch/size for this hole?
  2. Plug it is then, thanks for the info
  3. With my Mallory dizzy in place I guess I canjustmplug this then, any other suggestions for its use in the vacuum system?
  4. Now that (with the help of a member here) I have Id'd my intake manifold as a M-code 4V intake. Date code is 1A29, January 1, 1971 so not original to your car. I have a question on one of the items in the front of the manifold. I guess this is a vacuum port, which is capped off. What would it have been used for when the manifold was installed on the engine it was intended for? It is centered in the picture.
  5. On another thread I asked about the power line to the choke on my Holley carb, the past owner had it running from a switched fuse in the cabin. Looking around my engine bay I see these two plugs, the first picture of the round one is toward the back of the manifold with a bunch of other wires/plug. The other one, odd shaped is forward of the carb just shy of the distributor. I have a feeling (without testing them) that they are two ends of the same line. Now my carb has been replaced so I no longer have a throttle solenoid and the dizzy has been replaced with a Mallory, I suspect these plugs where perhaps part of the original distributor set up???? If not any other thoughts? thanks
  6. I have (what I hope) is my original 351c in my '72 fastback. It is an H code so it would have come from Dearborn with a 2bbl carb. somewhere in time it acquired a Holley carb (which from what I can find on the 'net is a 750cfm, number 83310-1 3394, any other ID would be appreciated). Besides the firing order on the front of the manifold the only numbers/letters are on the back. I could not pull off the large tube running from the brake booster to the back of the carb no matter how hard I tried and do not want to cut it until I am ready to replace it. Here are the best pics I could get, hopefully they can ID my manifold. I have not taken the carb off to see if it is indeed a true 4bbl manifold.
  7. I see but how often is the key on but not the engine running? With me it is on when the engine is running, I do not sit in the car and listen the radio. And if that is the case then I would assume switched power would be oK? Or does the STA regulate the power to a lower input?
  8. My 351c H code has a Holly 4bbl (unknown model) on it. It has an electric choke and the wire for it runs into the cabin and was rigged to one of the fuses. Is it ok for this to have constant power? Where would the power normally come from for an electric choke? Seems silly to have a loose wire running thru the firewall to the fuse box for this.
  9. I have not driven it, just finishing the interior and now on to the engine bay.
  10. Taking a few things out of the engine bay to media blast and paint. One is the fuel vapor canister, just removed most of the 48 years of gunk but two questions. How does the top separate from the body? There is a snmall tab you can but out but the top looks like it is snug around the bottom piece and I do not want to prey it or bend any metal. Also there are 3 openings in the top as seen in the picture. The largest one goes to the air cleaner of course, the next size down (the one NOT capped) is the line from the gas tank but the smaller port is the one it question. As you can see on mine it is capped. is this for a vacuum line and if so should it be connected or capped as it is now? thanks again.
  11. I ran wires up, behind the A pillar trim piece and then behind the metal trim piece at top of the windshield, cut a small notch in the metal for the wires down to the mirror. Did not attempt to mess with the headliner.
  12. sounds easy, have to replace the expansion valve anyway, thanks.
  13. how did you clean the evaporator while it was in the car, I have seen a video like this
  14. can you clean the ac evaporator in place like perhaps in this video?

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