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  1. not very much a horror story but.....when I first to my '72 in Feb of 2020 I brought it to a local restoration shop. I needed the battery apron replaced, rust around the taillights fixed also. Before I brought it to them I had tried to address a paint chip in the hood and F&%ked up down to the primer. They said they could fix it by painting 1/2 of the hood as the argent in the middle kind of divides the two green halves of the hood. They did paint it BUT about 3 inches from the chip I messed up were 3 other small chips. They painted right over them, no attempt to smooth them out or climate them at all. Paint matches pretty well, enough were you have to stare at it to see the difference, more pronounced under florescent lights. My car is a driver so I am ok with it but why they could not spend 5 minutes sanding down those 3 chips I will never know? I asked them if they ran out of sandpaper when I picked it up but at that point I did not want them to try anything else. Next stop was looking for a shop to replace the windshield and back window, I did the size glass. Rusty Classic Restorations was the only one I could get to do it. When I picked up the car they said "we could not get the top of the back window trim down". I said it is because you did not put in a clip there (I gave them a bag of brand new clips). Of course the only way to fix that is to pull the window and put in a clip but again I took it home not wanting them to touch it any more. I did manage to JB weld in two clips that make it work while the window was in place.
  2. This am is 7 Bear Sunday. Mom w/3 cubs on the side of the house and mom w/2 cubs out back. Mom/2 eventually came into he back yard to clean off the bird feeding area they had already raided earlier. Hoping they do not get together as mom/3 is mean. I have had to break up bear fights a few times over the years. Every day we have either one of these moms with her cubs here but this is one of the rare times they are here at the same time. 617627496_7bearsunday008.MOV1182725054_7bearsunday010.MOV
  3. if anything I probably used adhesion promoter like this https://www.autozone.com/paint-and-body/primer/p/rust-oleum-base-adhesion-promoter-primer-spray-11oz/379798_0_0?cmpid=LIA:US:EN:AD:NL:1000000:GEN:71700000069889792&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0emHBhC1ARIsAL1QGNdPSEVeFt90povFCZhPkZrQfJ_Bjz-uyU3CvKzwUXfMaSoc_qbRT7saAo0lEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  4. I went low tech, Krylon Fusion metallic Aluminum and to me looks just fine next to the argent stripe
  5. If I remember correctly I used a washer when installing my Volante wheel for the same reason.
  6. can we see a picture of your rear end (car) as I am wondering if you see the shackle.
  7. then it looks like my hoses are correct then, thanks all.
  8. That is where it is confusing. 1 schematic shows lines like mine but other looks to have the hoses reversed at the block and pump.
  9. I did a search and this question has been asked many times but still not a clear understanding for me. Some threads, due to age, are missing the pictures. Anywho..... I had my car over to a shop that I hope will be taking it in soon for some work I need help with. One of the things I need accomplished is a fine tune of the a/c system. I replaced everything from the firewall forward, vacuumed and re-charged but it still is not working as well as I think it can. When the shop owner was looking at the engine bay he thought that my heater lines were not hooked up correctly. I installed them as they were on the car when I purchased it. The heater hose that connects to the nipple from the firewall on the driver side (on the right in the first picture) has the a/c water control valve in the line and ends up connected to the engine block as seen in the second picture. The other hose connects to the nipple on the passenger side and that hose runs to the water pump as seen in the last picture. Are these correctly installed on my 351c with a/c? I did just order a new water control valve to replace the original one still in use. thanks
  10. It should be a standard 14" x 3" filter (I assume) and I see no problem with using an KN open top filter as well.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/809388063043483/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_general&referral_story_type=general&tracking={"qid"%3A"6974062285195081906"%2C"mf_story_key"%3A"30592329095476387"%2C"commerce_rank_obj"%3A"{\"target_id\"%3A30592329095476387%2C\"target_type\"%3A6%2C\"primary_position\"%3A60%2C\"ranking_signature\"%3A7975241067324768256%2C\"commerce_channel\"%3A501%2C\"value\"%3A0.00014872698120688%2C\"upsell_type\"%3A108}"}
  12. I was thinking that the wide argent part of my lower quarter panel is a decal but I do not see it on any vendors list. Is this part paint or a decal, the wide one that wraps to the bottom and into the wheel well?
  13. where are you located for shipping idea? Might be interested in the consoles
  14. Just got a set of these today from NPD, rear driver side fit ok but passenger side does not seem to hold well, I am requesting a return to NPD. Has anyone used these?? If so your results? http://jaegerbrothersauto.com/auto-parts/1971-1973 Mustang Splash Guards, Full Set_217.html
  15. I have a new Spectra tank and Dorman fuel sender on the bench, just ordered a set of Classic Tube SS fuel lines today. Are there any tips I have not seen here on the forum about installing the fuel lines I may need to know about. I see there might be a little tweaking here and there but what else? I filled my tank the other day (in my garage) and all of a sudden I had a bad rubber fuel line, the one from the steel line thru the fender to the tube on the pump, it spurted gas all over. Not sure if it was related to filling the tank at the precise time. I did replace it with injector tubing as well as the small piece from the tank to the line.
  16. while mine is working fine if I was to replace the master I would just do it all. In fact when my car goes into a shop in a few months I am having all the brake lines replaced and I very well might go for a new mc and booster as well. Mine are working but look 49 years old and you can't take your money with you!!
  17. My '72 (Sept '71 build date) has the original booster still going strong
  18. Do not think I would trust something like the sway bar mounts with these in place.
  19. Not talking about the end links. The bolts come down from the box frame to mount the two bushings are the problem, no access to the top of them.
  20. Went to install my new Addco 990 bar today and got stopped cold in my tracks. The bolts holding the bushing mounts, all 4, are spinning with the nuts. No idea how to fix this.
  21. You are correct! I just finished installing this rebuilt unit today and now all controls work like they should. Max air now engages and the 2nd fan speed, which I did not have with my old unit, also is working. Now to pack up my old one and send it back for the core money. https://www.ebay.com/itm/164701938353
  22. Installed a rebuilt a/c / heater control unit from fleabay. Now all my controls work including max air setting and the 2nd fan speed which did not work with my old set. https://www.ebay.com/itm/164701938353
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