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  1. First 19 years with Eastern Airlines, most time in flight operations in MIA. Then 10 years as manager of a medical imaging company in FLL. And finally 5 years going into semi-retirement in administration of a large law firm in ATL. Now spouse slave
  2. You never know what you have unless you do some sort of checking... I was going through a box of coins that came from my late brother in laws house 16 years ago, it had just been sitting in the closet. Most of the coins were of no value, a few Morgan silver dollars in used condition, nothing special. There was this one 3oz bar of silver in with the coins. Looked up silver value, about $27oz, wife said just take it to the jeweler and get whatever. But checked ebay and saw some 3oz bars that had sold in the $125+/- range and a few that were around $300. So I put it on fleabay last Satu
  3. well after owning my '72 for 370 days (as of today) I took her out for her first real run. Went to a car show that would take me round trip 125 miles., only went to the car show as a friend was going, I do not really care about car shows. This being the real first time I have sat back and looked at the car outside of the garage I was very pleased with how she looked. She ran perfectly, love the new Summit 750 carb, good gas mileage and performance. Only hiccups were the heat did not work great (but that could be tied to the A/C problem I am having addressed when it goes into a shop next
  4. This is on Facebook marketplace https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1326085167559062 1971- 73 Mustang Dash Pad with title metal Panel Interior Original $250$375 Ships for $12.00 Estimated arrival Feb 23 - Feb 25 Details Condition Used - Good Ford Mustang Hi, I have a very nice metal dash panel that
  5. if your flap solenoids are working then you can just add a vacuum solenoid like I did so flaps are open or closed at your command.
  6. Are sway bar bushings and links the same for front and back? Of course you have to have the correct size bushings for the size bar. But looking at vendors they do not say front or back.
  7. as in the past I like to have a period correct plate on my cars. In the case of my '72 Georgia did not issue plates between, I think, 1971 and 1975. So a '72 got a '71 plate with a '72 sticker on it as seen in this picture (72 is hard to see on the blowup). If anyone is in need I have a few NOS '75 stickers you can have.
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