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    My 1973 Mach-1 still sports its original yellow factory paint
    although a bit worn. All body panels are original. It also
    has its factory issued Cleveland 351 engine, which
    has been fully rebuilt and its refurbushed,
    original C6 transmission.
    Certain features were customized around 1974.
    These include:
    -Set of 4 Keystone Kustom Wheels and rear P 275-60s
    -Traction bars were also added, but removed in 1975
    -Electronic ignition was added some time later
    More recently, the interior was redone, and
    a 1970s 8-track player was installed.
    The car’s audio is also bluetooth enabled.


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    Phoenix, AZ
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  1. I'm new to this Forum. Not sure if I'm posting properly. Anyway, I have a 1973 Mach-1 and I'm always looking for ways to improve it, while keeping it looking like a mid seventies street mod. Here's a pic taken at a local meet here in Phoenix:
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