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  1. Watched the whole movie, not sure why. 91 minutes of my life is gone forever, I'm hoping the numbness in my head goes away in the next few days. The cars did remind me of when I was in high school and what I drove, A 442 jacked up in the rear with air shocks. I just have one question: Do you not have cable in the UK?
  2. Get a pool boy, my wife hired one and we don't even have a pool.
  3. I guess depending on your system. I am going the FiTech route as well, but I am using the PowerSurge pump from Robbmc. Since that's a sump pump system it only needs a 1/4" return line. Our vent line is 5/16" so it should work. Also, i am drilling the little hole in the vent nipple so there is no restriction. Otherwise, i can see it being an issue becausr that hole is really small. 1971 M-code Mach 1 I will have to look into thePowerSurge pump by Robbmc, I didn't want to use the Fitech system due to all the reported issues.
  4. I'm going with EFI also and was told by Fitech not to use the vent line for a return. Was told it would be insufficient due to its size and I would need the vent. It was recommended that I use this from Summit for a return line. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/mor-65385
  5. Welcome from Colorado. Sorry about the loss of your father.
  6. Not yet, I plan on using the headlights with the turn signals in them.
  7. Very interested in what you come up with, I have similar plans since I have a 73 front end on my 72.
  8. Has anyone tried their rear window trim molding for the fastback?
  9. It was upsetting the neighbors
  10. A 71 parked near me at the airport everyday and it started to grow on me. I was looking for a 69, but the prices were getting more than I wanted to spend. Looked at a 69 the week before and for $6500.00 I could get a rusted shell. Found a 72 on craigslist and made a deal on it.
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