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  1. Scoops are original, the inserts I bought on eBay. sold my project. I’d take $65 shipped for them in the us. thanks for looking.
  2. alright guys and gals. They’ll need recovered but are structurally sound. Prefer a Texas sale. I’d also consider swapping for parts I’d need if local. Thanks for looking.
  3. Did you see my message that I’ll take the center bezel? I’d also be interested in a price for drivers seat brackets if you have them. Thanks in advance.
  4. Send me a price for them with the brake stuff to 76691. Thanks.
  5. It ain't purdy but I think it is all there. How bout I charge you the price of a shot of Crown Royal & a Havana cigar? $20 bucks +shipping ought to do it. I don't do estimates on shipping. I'm at 95648 Golfing today... gotta go :) Sold! Send me your paypal info via messenger once you know what it'll be with shipping I'll PM you my address Thanks. Dan
  6. interested in the center bezel for the 3 gauges shipped to 76691 Thanks in advance Daniel
  7. I bought them thinking I’d use them, need ones for a coupe. $50 shipped in US or even swap for coupe fender extension pieces. I’d also take parts for a disc brake swap if you’ve upgraded and have your factory stuff Thanks in advance.
  8. Please post what you’ve got guys. For the seat someone in or near Texas is preferred. Don’t care if it’s torn up if it’s a good price. Just need something to Recover. Thanks in advance Daniel
  9. Thanks so much guys. I appreciate all the input. Hopefully I can find them and fix it. If not maybe a local welding shop can recreate one? I appreciate the input. Definitely had me bummed.
  10. Thanks guys. I’m watching that item now. Those are what is need. Passenger side is good but driver side is toast.
  11. I appreciate the response that’s exactly what I see. it’s split and you can see that weird rubber. honestly the way I found it was I noticed the bumper was just slightly out of alignment on the drivers side. Got underneath and found what I posted. if you could get pics of your after the repair or would be much appreciated. trying to figure out what I need to do.
  12. Welcome pros and experienced body men Just bought my 73 mustang. Car looked like a fairly clean project. A few minor pinholes in the floorboards and you can see where the rear lower quarters were patched years ago. Now I’m trying to figure out what I’m looking at, and which section I need to order. I see front “inner” and “outer” frame sections. This is the section on drivers side that attaches to urethane bumper to the frame.
  13. I appreciate your response. In your view does that mean the complete kit is better or trying to piecemeal it together with the ‘15 brakes and and the brackets?
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