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  1. interested in the center bezel for the 3 gauges shipped to 76691


    Thanks in advance




    It ain't purdy but I think it is all there.


    How bout I charge you the price of a shot of Crown Royal & a Havana cigar?

    $20 bucks +shipping ought to do it.


    I don't do estimates on shipping. I'm at 95648


    Golfing today... gotta go :)





    Send me your paypal info via messenger once you know what it'll be with shipping

    I'll PM you my address



  2. I have a yellow 73 vert that has a beautiful frame and great floors, but those bumper brackets rusted from the inside and split. Mine had some sort of rubber inside and I think if NASA designed a water trap they couldn’t have done a lot better. I was able to repair mine, but I have seen these for sale (on a cougar site I think).


    Just wanted to say don’t despair if these are bad, they may not indicate problems elsewhere. 




    I appreciate the response 


    that’s exactly what I see. 

    it’s split and you can see that weird rubber. 

    honestly the way I found it was I noticed the bumper was just slightly out of alignment on the drivers side. Got underneath and found what I posted. 

    if you could get pics of your after the repair or would be much appreciated. 

    trying to figure out what I need to do.

  3. Welcome pros and experienced body men 


    Just bought my 73 mustang. 


    Car looked like a fairly clean project. 


    A few minor pinholes in the floorboards and you can see where the rear lower quarters were patched years ago. 


    Now I’m trying to figure out what I’m looking at, and which section I need to order. 


    I see front “inner” and “outer” frame sections. 


    This is the section on drivers side that attaches to urethane bumper to the frame. 

















  4. Welcome from Central New York.


    You've come to the right place for info and advice about restoring these cars, no matter how far you want to take it.





    Thanks  Mike! 

    it’ll need some work, but I think it’ll be a nice car when I’m done.

  5. Here’s a couple pics of the ride home and her in my driveway. 



    The car isn’t perfect but she starts and runs (no functioning brakes at the moment)  



    I’m excited to get started on the project and hopefully make the car something to be proud of on a long Sunday cruise. F482-D308-0911-43-E8-BB1-C-9-BCA926-C77-CF.jpg





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  6. Thanks for the info. That’s very helpful!


    im between Waco and Dallas, just outside of West,Tx. And Czech stop, Kolace capital of Texas! 


    ps. Your car is awesome  you got a steal on it!


    My Pleasure! (info)


    I guess I need to update my garage pics - those are all the 'after' pics.  It took 4 years and a LOT of money to get it back to good, so... no 'steal' here. ;)


    Welcome!  Can't wait to see more of how you car becomes more yours. ::thumb::


    I’ll keep you updated. 


    id love to see a before and after of your car. Maybe we can all do a Texas 71-73 car meet somewhere.  It’d be cool to see some of the rarer “less highly appreciated” mustangs all together. 


    Me personally these are some of my favorites (outside of the Shelby mustangs, they’re not in my budget)


    thanks again for posting!

  7. Nice!


    Your profile says you're in Texas - where at?


    When I went to get my car titled, I had to go through the bonded title process (since I foolishly bought without one).  Check the TXDMV.gov website - they'll have instructions and forms for all of the titling process, as well as how to register once you get to that point.  TXDMV is also split up into regions - even though San Angelo is a pretty big town, my title paperwork had to go to the regional office in Abilene, racking up postage and a $15 processing fee each time I sent them something (of course, it's never 'right' the first time, but I only had to send it back once).


    Texas, being a non-income tax state, also has some interesting ways of generating revenue... one of those being through vehicle registration and titles.  With that said, regardless of the actual appraised value of the car, you can expect be charged a minimum tax based on TXDMV valuation of your vehicle.  Here's the quote from the website:




    If buying from an individual, a motor vehicle sales tax (6.25 percent) on either the purchase price or standard presumptive value (whichever is the highest value), must be paid when the vehicle is titled. The title, registration and local fees are also due. Contact your county tax office to estimate the amount of sales tax due and to learn which forms of payment are accepted. Acceptable forms of payment vary by county.



    In 2006, I paid $800 for a '95 Honda Civic with a blown engine, and they valued it at $2300.  In 2010, I paid $1600 for my '71 Mach 1 as a project car, showed them my bill of sale, and they still valued it at over $2000.  The 6.25% vehicle sales tax, along with the $65 registration and $30 title fees had me paying roughly $220 to get plates the first time.  I also ensured I had the 'Day One' pics with me when I went to the DMV, to 'prove' it was a pile.  Fortunately, the inspection certification doesn't specify what kind of condition the car is in, or value, or pictures, or anything like that - just pass/fail.


    Hope that helps!

    Thanks for the info. That’s very helpful!


    im between Waco and Dallas, just outside of West,Tx. And Czech stop, Kolace capital of Texas! 


    ps. Your car is awesome  you got a steal on it!

  8. Hey guys. Looking for some help.


    Just like the title states. 


    Cars not perfect but runs and idles, brakes currently don’t work. 


    No major rust on the body. 


    Surface rust in floor pans but no big holes that I could see. 


    Needs paint due to clear coat cracking but no rust on the body. 



    Thanks for your .02 in advance

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