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  1. Manu how much do you pay for the cleaning and machining of the engine (i'm french too you Can tell the Price in euro ) Thanks for your answer
  2. Thanks for your answer So the main reason for that modification on my 2V's it's for performance But On some hole in the left cylinder head i Can see it was handmade (1st and 2nd picture) And on the right cylinder head they still have Iron cast on the middle of the hole( 3rd and 4 picture) do i need to take off the matter ?
  3. Hello i have some question about the cylinder head on my 351 Cleveland 2V It's is normal that some of the hole for the rocker arm are more wider than the other ?(i'm talking about the hole on the red square on the picture) Sorry for my bad english i'm not a native english speaker Thanks for your answer
  4. Hello i have to change my oil pan because he leaks Anybody know how to do it on a 351 C in a 1971 mustang , and what New oil pan and gasket Can i use? (i'm using the car only for street and not for Race) Thanks for your answer and sorry for my Bad english i'm french
  5. Modified: changes have been made to correct faults, to handle new (to the car) features (such as an aftermarket radio), backyard repairs, and/or general malpractice by those who don't know what they are doing. Mostly the last item... I tend to use "quotes" to denote sarcasm online. My use of "modified" is exactly as Midlife described it, as it's been hacked up by a previous owner. The engine has it's own harness that plugs into the main engine compartment harness by the rear of the driver's side valve cover. The link below is an example, yours may be different depending upon year and engine. https://www.npdlink.com/product/wire-assy-engine-gauge-feed-from-firewall/199210?backurl=search%2Fproducts%3Fsearch_terms%3Dgauge%252Bfeed%26top_parent%3D200001%26year%3D1971&year=1971 i`m sorry but i didn`t see where i can plug it on the picture i send
  6. and by the way anyone know how to wiring the coil? because mine didnt have any wiring on it
  7. the problems its a didn`t know if is the original wiring harness because it`s look like a wiring mess , maybe a prefere a complete wiring harness That's an original harness that has been "modified". Midlife is proposing to sell you complete dash and engine compartment harnesses. He rebuilds 65-73 Mustang harnesses and would sell you a refurbished set. When you send yours back to him, you get a partial credit. when you said "modified" what is the meaning for you i`m interesting about that
  8. the problems its a didn`t know if is the original wiring harness because it`s look like a wiring mess , maybe a prefere a complete wiring harness
  9. i`m from a little city who`s call ris orangis i`m at 35 kilometer from paris , in france we didn`t already know when we can go outside because the "confinement" so maybe the retro festival are not canceled , wait and see
  10. hello people i`m looking for a new wiring harness and i didnt know what i can take did you have any advice or dealer where i can purchase a new one? and by the way there is some picture of my wiring harness on my mustang and i dont know what is the purpose of these connector if anyone got a idea that could be great somenone know what is the function of each fuse? (i apologize in advance for my bad english i`m french and english are not my mother tongue sorry :thankyouyellow: )
  11. thanks for your comment yeah is a good looking car but actually i have some trouble with the wiring harness and i think i gonna buy a complete new one but i didn`t know what i can take did you have any advice?
  12. Hello everybody, my name is David i`m 27 and i`m living in france (i apologize in advance for my bad english but i promise i`m going to do my best :P ) i`ve got a Ford Mustang 1971 coupé with a 351 cleveland thanks for your welcoming
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