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  1. I need some help here. I have been busy removing the front aprons from the Stang. Seems they were not aligned properly. I was using a bubble level and measuring tape. I saw a youtube video where a guy used a self leveling laser to check body alignment, etc. So I got one and checked the body alignment. Well. It was off so I spent three weeks cutting out my welds (between the heat and working). At least I did find out my spot and seam welds are pretty good. So here is where I am at (see photo below). The aprons are laying in the floor frame rail and the aprons are equal distant to the
  2. As you can see, body work is what I am doing now. Its very time consuming. But I enjoy working with metal. You can make a mistake and go back and fix it without buying a new part (unlike newer cars with all the plastic panels, etc).
  3. Thank you all for the welcome and comments. 73Pony - beautiful car. Seeing your ride gets me more excited about getting mine done.
  4. Next I removed the front aprons and cowl. Both were badly rusted. Front aprons/shock towers and cowl on. Driver side floor pan done. Due to COVID-19 isolation rules and me running out of shielding gas, I took a break from body work and cleanup the axle housing, ordered 3.50 gears, positrac, etc for the axle rebuild. Gear was a 2.70 on an FMX auto - I plan to put in a T5 Tremec (most likely the TKO500) and the OD ratio is good with the 3.50 rear end (for nice highway driving). The car had a 351W. From the plate glued on the block, this is a 1972 remanufa
  5. Pic of car completely disassembled and work started on trunk, tail panel, and rear quarter panels. Quarter panel test fitted. Trunk floor test fitted. I also boxed in the subframe below the trunk floor to strengthen the body. Working the trunk rain gutter area. This was a total pain! Trunk, tail panel, floor, quarter panels about 90% done. Adding subframe. Saw this drawing/design online. Completed subframe (1 of 2) Subframes welded on. host photos online
  6. Interior - not good. Closer up does not make it better. :-( Trunk is very rusted. Front is very bad too. I think most folks would have looked at this Mustang and just walked by. Too much work and way too much rust. But for me this was two things. A chance to rebuild a car from ground up and a long term hobby. I have a permanent disability and this long term project helps me focus.
  7. Since I am three years into this build, here are the highlights. This is pic of when I brought the 72 Stang home. I am in Maryland so I could not drive it from the seller. He had to keep the plate and I have to get the vehicle registered. So I trailered it home.
  8. I have about 800 pics and I will post pics of highlights regarding the work I have completed to date. I am new to the forum world and I need to figure out how to post these pics. Which is the best way to post these photos? Thank you.
  9. Hello all. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am kind of new of forums so please bare with me. My project is a 1972 Mustang Grande. I bought it in 2016 as a long term project car. It was a daily driver when I bought it from the seller. My intent is to rebuild it into a reliable daily driver. Something that looks cool on the outside, has lots of power under the hood, and will start every time. Although the engine and transmission seemed really good in terms of power/performance, the rest of the car needed some work. So I took the car completely apart. It now sits on a home made car do
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