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  1. Looking for a replacement windshield for my 1971 Mach 1. Would prefer an OEM windshield as it seems most of the aftermarket windshields do not get very good reviews.
  2. If you still how this i would be interested. Shipping to 46184
  3. How much for the center bezel with the 3 gauges... Very interested...
  4. If you still have the triple center gauges - I would be interested. Thanks
  5. I have a 1971 instrument cluster (with tach) that I came across that I bought as a working cluster. After going back and forth for a few weeks, I have decided not to put in my Mach 1 as I want to keep everything as close to stock as I can. That said, things I am looking for include: a decent, working '71 AM/FM radio or 8 track, shifter housing (auto), or '71 351C 2V heat riser. Can give/take cash as needed to make it a fair deal all the way around. The instrument cluster is not perfect but would be OK for a daily driver. The flex circuit on the back will need to be replaced, and the lens on the front is not original as there is no hole for the reset on the trip odometer. I wasn't too concerned about that as I was going to replace the lens anyway. The face of the tach is a little smudged in spots (hard to get a picture of it), but the fuel gauge and the speedometer look OK. The inside of the housing has been freshly painted (matte silver) and looks to be very close to original.
  6. Bob: I am looking for the socket-head screws that attach the lens to the housing, the screws that hold the inner bezel rings to the housing, and the screws that hold the gauges to the housing. It also looks like any spring nuts (if used) were missing. I came across a cluster with a tach that I am restoring to put in my '71, but some of the hardware is missing, and some look to be incorrect. Thanks, Gene
  7. I am looking for the sizes/part numbers of the hardware that is used on the instrument cluster assembly (w/Tach). I have looked around, but have not been able to come up with them, and was hoping someone had the info. Thanks.
  8. 1971 351C 2V Ram Air Auto FMX 9 inch w/ 3.00 After being restored, the car sat in a garage for about (20) years and has only been (intermittently) back on the road for about four months. Pretty much stock except for the radio, a set of under-dash gauges, Holley carb, and the louvers on the rear window.
  9. Just recently purchased a 1971 Mach 1 with a 351C 2V. It is missing the heat shield, and I wanted to see if anyone had one they would be willing to part with. I have been looking around and the prices on these things are scary... I think the part number is D1AZ-9A603-A. Thanks.
  10. Found it and sent Rick a message. It looks like he is going to make some and they should be available mid-summer! Thanks! Great, let me know if you get them. If they seem decent I'll probably get some. Will do!
  11. Found it and sent Rick a message. It looks like he is going to make some and they should be available mid-summer! Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the info and picture!
  13. Hi All - new member here. We just picked up our car a few days ago (1971 Mach1 351C). Today, I noticed there was a plastic/rubber that part fastened to the rear of the driver's side fender, that wrapped underneath, and followed the contour of the fender. There is not one on the passenger side, and from the looks of the screw hole, there has never been anything mounted there. I have looked around, but can't find any info on this part/ Can someone tell me the name of the part and if cars coming from the factory had it on both driver and passenger sides? Thanks. free upload photo
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