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  1. Am I good to just leave the oil sender unplugged (and drive the car) till I can figure out the dash wiring? I’d just for gauge (which I have a tach), I don’t get why they hooked it to a switch.
  2. Here is what I have currently Thinking of buying this online but unsure what wire goes where. Is there a good color coded book I should purchase? Ones from Jim Osborn are decent to look at but not helping me much. Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Car does have a tach but it’s not working. None of the gauges work except for speedometer (another issue , it’s 10 mph fast). Bought some electrical manuals - just taking a while to read it. Appreciate the info - I’ll keep plugging away. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Doing some wire cleanup and chased some wires to to the oil pressure sender. It has an ignition hot going to a switch in the cab and then out to the sender. Any idea why this was done? Ask trying to track down origins wire location. Around same spot near firewall; I have a 2 pin not hooked up and a 4 pin flat that was cut. Can’t seem to find what these are for. Same block of wires has 2 pin to transmission - guessing reverse lights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks; Seen a few pictures w/ blue and silver painted front "scoop" and really like it. If I stay blue; thinking about doing the same.
  6. It is an M code. I'm not too familiar with the history of it to know if original motor or not. Unless "original" just means size. Obviously I'm new to all of this; but learning more each day. I'll post Marti here shortly
  7. to each their own I guess -- always liked the painted wrap front end. Unsure on 351; I have two actually. I'll hold on to the original one - just in case I swap back.
  8. Hello! After wanting one since I was way young, I finally purchased a 71 mach 1. Currently has 351c 4v and have 429 PI getting ready to go in. From Utah and REALLY looking for the front urethane bumper (throwing that out there). Thanks for the accept. Unique to the car. One of the prior owners installed vents in the fender; look close near the "MACH1" decal. image upload
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