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  1. I've seen street Cleveland's make way more power. With the right combination of parts, pound for pound the Cleveland will outshine the Windsor when it comes to building power.
  2. Go 1sostatic, run for the love of Mustang. :D
  3. A web designer but I feel like I will be a chef after the lockdown. LOL
  4. Both cars look stunning, but something about the old stang makes it standout.
  5. I have always been a fan of cobranda, the majority of the auto parts and accessories of old car models can be found in the said shop.
  6. I feel like this car will look good if someone will dare to modify it. I kinda feel sad and disappointed with the previous owner, how can s/he abandon the vehicle?
  7. Work from home and then I cook Chili Con Carne for the first time. I've been into cooking lately, and I feel like I will be a chef after the lockdown. LOL
  8. I love those shining rims, your ride is really clean considering the reflection from wheels.
  9. One of the most challenging parts of working from home.
  10. That surely is a terrible experienced and such excuse is unacceptable.
  11. I am still browsing an auto parts and accessories shop called 4wheelonline. I am planning to do modification at home to keep me busy.
  12. My brother will be undergoing a second SWAB test as he suddenly had a sore throat and fever. He works as a nurse and has been exposed to patients who were positive with COVID-19. He is trying to be positive, but he is not really feeling well right now. I am trying my best to cheer him up, I just really hope that it's just common flu, like what his colleague told him.
  13. I told my brother to take unpaid leave since he works as a nurse, but how can you stop someone from doing what he loves the most. Hoping that the world will be heal soon enough. Take care everyone.
  14. The primary reason why I signed-up here is to get some tips on how to keep our 1969 Ford Mustang well-maintained. We are planning to do some modifications since the car looks really old.
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