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  1. @Jpaz - good morning. Did you use the Dorman 31000 kit? Fixed or tilt column?
  2. Geez, you all are nudging me towards setting up 1971-1973 Mustang searches on Craigslist already! Thanks for the welcome. @kilgon, she is plenty rough but a fun arm on the door top cruiser. It has been a bit of a pleasant shock how many people smile and wave when they see her sailing along with the top down.
  3. Thanks @stanglover - I won't be near the car again until tomorrow but let me double check. Have a good night.
  4. Thanks for the welcome, and nice Mustangs guys. Wow, those have eyeball. Nicely done.
  5. For whatever it is worth on my '71 Cougar fixed steering column I had the same issue, I believe it is par for the course on this specific set up. Hope this helps others that find this thread.
  6. Hi guys, Tom from SoCal here. I recently bought a 1971 Cougar Convertible and kept coming across great discussions here so thought I would sign up. The Cougar has been through some less than sympathetic owners but I'm making progress on getting her back on the road and into use. Thanks in advance for the help and coaching, as well as to those that have shared past technical information.
  7. First all, thanks for the warm welcome and responses. I hope everyone is doing OK and can tell the difference between Friday and the weekend. @Stanglover, I believe so but the Lares 201 does not fit my car. There is not enough clearance between the steering box splines and the column (with column retracted and loose inside the car). The Lares 201 metal part is thicker than OEM and the rubber disk part is thicker as well, and together those make it too wide to install. @bentworker - you cannot get the replacement coupler mated to the splines of the steering box because there isn't enough room to rotate it so it will seat properly. @Don C and @bentworker thanks for that link, I missed it when I was searching somehow. Looks like that owner had the same issue as I am encountering and had to loosen / remove the steering box. So it looks like the good new is that there is a ready made replacement part, but the "bad" news is more disassembly is required. Hopefully the Lares part holds up.
  8. Hi, thanks for the response. The Dorman 31000 isn’t an exact fit and you need to fabricate the tangs that help locate the pins. Not the end of the word but I do wonder if having to stretch the rubber disk to make it fit will lessen the longevity of the rubber. BTW - I’m also in SoCal. Nice to finally have a week of sun. Thanks!
  9. Hi guys, hope everybody had as good a week as possible given the circumstances. I’ve been making good use of your discussions via search and have learned a lot about this specific series from you. I have a, cough cough, 1971 Cougar with a fixed steering column and dealing with my rag joint replacement has been a major pain. The Lares 201 and 202 don’t fit, and the Dorman 31000 is close but needs to be stretched to fit the original metal part with the splines. Anyone here some up with a better approach on dealing with this, I think the fixed column owners here are in a similar boat. Thanks in advance for any coaching and dope slaps if I am missing something obvious. Tom
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