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  1. Great reviews and summary of the work that you have accomplished on your project. I have a 72 that I have been working on for awhile and still getting things done as I can. I am running new break lines from where I also switched all my drum brakes to disc. A little challenging but I am getting there. I have learned alot as I continue down this same adventure. Keep up the great work.
  2. Hey Rocketfoot just checking to see if you had got my last message to see if you had any extra Large shirts. If you have one I would like to buy it. Thank you
  3. I got mine the other day and they are awesome, if you have any large ones left I would like to get one. Well Done!!!
  4. Sweet can't wait to get mine. They look awesome!!!
  5. Awesome, can't wait to see how they look in person.
  6. Bought two, one for my wife and myself. Great looking in the pictures and hoping the looks are better in person.
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