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  1. Here's the final product, hopefully it holds up well, this is it for me on this thread unless I come back saying it worked terribly, thanks for the advice
  2. Here's a better picture of what I was trying to say, I don't feel like I conveyed that very well
  3. Ah yes, it's been a while life got in the way, but I went through with my original plan kinda, I took 6" HVAC starter tube and trimmed it down, and fabricated the metal squares I had to cut out, one square was welded in and seam sealed along with paint, then the HVAC piece is being riveted in with a fair amount of gasket maker to hopefully be if not a permanent fix, a long time one.
  4. Yes certainly for all the seams but I meant above the seams and a big enough bead to divert rain water away This would only be feasible if you have removed the top half of the cowl panel or at least a good part of it though Bold assumption, jokes a side I think I'll proceed with my going plan and the seam sealer is definitely a fantastic idea, I've finished up my front end and since my car is out side I gotta wait for it to dry up, I'll post pictures as I go, worst case scenario I have to go back a few years from now and redo it right.
  5. I appreciate it but I'll fabricate somthing and try to go along with my original plan I outlined, I'll make sure to take pictures As for the other lad in the form, I already know the condition of mostly every bit of the car because I've stripped it down and am thankful it isn't as bad, quite tame compared to what you dealt with
  6. Sweet, I appreciate the replies, my floor pans are most definitely gone as well, got new ones already doing a full restoration, and based off what was said I guess I just learned my car was originally non AC, my main concern with this is I'd like to do what I can to keep water from getting into the car itself, as for AC I think I'm gonna ride with 2WD60 until later, I have a 302 from a parts car and I do not believe that had it either, But a 429 is the end goal which I could retrofit somthing into All that out if the way I think I'll fill in the one side and repair the other to mock the AC setup and clear some headache dealing with the innards. Might set up a thread in the build section but this is what I'm working with
  7. Like many mustangs I've seen here I gotta fix under the cowl, originally I thought to cut a hole out from within the body and fabricate a new peice that would be bolted in with a gasket made, but before committing to somthing like that I want to see if anyone has suggestions, I'm not really looking at removing the windshield and drilling tack welds, but would like to know some more out if the box ideas. Thanks in advance!
  8. [align=left]Salutations, I've taken a look here a few times, but I figured I'd make an account and join in on the fun. Roughly a year and some change ago I bought my glorious POS 1973 Mach 1 Rustang, not as bad as I've seen in the junkyards but it does need it's fair share of work but every bit of the dream car I wanted. Then 3 weeks later a 71 fastback that wasn't in delaware hours away showed up and I bought that too for parts and reference.( It also turned out to be a 73 Mach as well neat enough) I'm not new to the automotive scene but definitely when it comes down to the restoration, the first year I pretty much tore the car down and that was it for a good 6 months till I started finishing the removal of the engine bay stuff and innards of the dash. Some por15 and a lot of wire wheels later I figured I'd better start repairing the rust and other fun jazz. Now I'm of the mind set that cars are meant to be driven and instead of spending years to finish this car doing a show room esk restoration I'd rather get the car back solid so I can enjoy it. Partially because I enjoy the rough look of the faded paint as it is now and I can always do body work later. [/align] So I'm doing more custom metal fabrication rather than whole panel replacements but yeah, I guess that's pretty much it. The 73 Mach I'm restoring here Parts car with my daily in the back And some of the work I've done in the front, I'm about ready to install the radiator support but I need to weld some other stuff in the engine bay first To me it feels like I've done alot and also very little at the same time but it is what it is, if anyone has any helpful tips definitely would be appreciated. hosting site
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