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  1. Thanks everyone. I’m doing my research now.
  2. Looking for all the parts necessary to convert car to a manual. I’m talking pedals, supports and brackets. Also looking for a bell housing for a 429. Not sure what this stuff costs. I’m sure I’m going to be shocked. I live in Missouri. 71 Mach 1.
  3. I found it on Facebook Market Place. Right before the Corona Shutdown. I probably paid too much for it but It's going to keep me busy.
  4. When is that show. I have been in years past. Thanks Jeff Collins
  5. That's what I've said all along. He saved me all the dirty work.
  6. Thanks. It’s going to be a job. I’ve done several cars over the years. I figure the guy tha took it apart did all the dirty work for me.
  7. Hey. New guy from Missouri. I bought a basket case 71 Mach 1. I call it my car in a box. lollerz
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