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    I'll have to get a pic the next time I'm at the yard (I've got it under a cover at work) but it's pretty bad, the entire roof is rusted with with a large portion in the center that's gotten to the point where I can put a hole in it with my finger. I've been thinking about welding a strip of sheet metal to the front of the roof and a second one on the inside to cover the biggest holes, then sanding the outer strip to a taper and having a spray-on bedliner sprayed over the entire roof. It'd give it a very similar look to the original vinyl, but it'd be a lot more durable and less likely to leak.
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    Just bought a 73 Grande coupe, got her for $600. Only thing wrong with her is a rusty roof. I've been hunting high and low for a new roof and I can't find one anywhere. Anybody got a lead on a place that sells them, or a shop that can make one? I'm kind of new to the classics scene but I've always wanted an old muscle car like this, so I'm determined to make the old girl look like she just rolled off the assembly line again.
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