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  1. Hi Mdan575, Thanks for that. Have you got a picture of the headers where they cross the Z-bar and power steering gearbox? I think I have the smaller bell housing (157 tooth flywheel) so I shouldn't have the clearance problem with it. Were the Procomp headers similar to any other brand? I typed in the part number listed in the Ebay listing and nothing comes up. Maybe I screwed up but it looked to be Procomp PC5045SS. Thanks again for your help.
  2. What was the outcome of this? I have the same problem. Nothing seems to fit a 302 in a '73 with a manual transmission past the clutch linkage. I wrote Holley/Hooker and ask their technical dept. what I should use and I was told that they have nothing that will fit my car! :( It looks like the Hedman 88400 shorties might fit. Do I need to go with the stock exhaust manifold?
  3. Thanks Jeff73Mach1, When you say Hooker Comps, do you mean #6921HKR? They say they only fit 2V 351C. I have Edelbrock heads on my 302. Maybe I would be better with a set of shorties?
  4. I just ran into the same problem. I had a set of Hedman 88300 headers that came with a '69 with 302 automatic. I rebuilt the 302 and have installed it in my '73 with 3 speed toploader. I downloaded the instruction sheet from Hedman and saw a little note up at the top (will not fit 1971-1973 Mustang or Cougar with manual transmission).:@ What's the best solution? Cable clutch linkage or a different set of headers? :huh:
  5. Hi, I'm removing a 250 I6 from my '73 Fastback and installing a '69 rebuilt, 302. I have to replace both the frame mounts and the motor mounts, anyway. The 71-72 will work? I don't want to lay out the extra cash to get the scarce '73 mounts if I don't need to and obviously I don't care about keeping the mounts original as long as they fit and the engine is sitting at the right height.
  6. Ok great. Thanks guys for all your opinions. Sounds like either one would fit my application. I'll let you know what I decide on. All Edelbrock intakes are 10% off this week at my local performance shop. Saves a bit of cash anyway. Thanks again for all your input. I ended up going with what I originally planned and stuck with the Performer 2121 to match my cam.
  7. Ok great. Thanks guys for all your opinions. Sounds like either one would fit my application. I'll let you know what I decide on. All Edelbrock intakes are 10% off this week at my local performance shop. Saves a bit of cash anyway.
  8. That's what I was worried about. I know they aren't a perfect match. I want a street engine, but with some punch when I want to get the heart rate up a bit. The cam is a bit more aggressive than a stock cam...as long as it doesn't bog out at lower RPM when I'm bootin' around town. Always driven in warm weather. She stays in the corral with her blanket on in the cold weather, drinking hot 10W30. LOL!
  9. Hmm.... I have the ram air hood but none of the parts of the plenum. I was thinking of trying to gather all the spare parts and making it functional but I would probably need a stock carb on it too. Not too worried about that right now. I just feel like if I've put all the time and money into this engine and I'm buying a new intake anyway, I want it to have some more HP and Torque. I've been working on this engine for almost 3 years. As long as the Air Gap is worth the extra cash over the Performer.
  10. Good luck, Brother. I had a '69 in about the same shape. The more I stripped her down, the more rust I found. I didn't have the stick-to-it-iveness. Hats off to you. I really hope you can bring her back! I'll be following your progress.
  11. I'm rebuilding a 302 cid out a 1969 Mustang Pony and I'm going to put it in my '73 Sportroof. I put a mild Edelbrock cam (2122) in it and the E-Street heads and I was going to put a Performer intake on it until I started looking at the air gap. I saw a video on u-tube comparing the two intakes and he was saying how the exhaust runner heats up the manifold too much. I like the idea behind the air gap. Raising the runners up and leaving the gap to keep the air/fuel mix cooler before it enters the cylinder makes sense to me. Has anyone else compared the two or replaced a Performer with the RPM Air Gap? Curious if anyone has checked the two out, before I buy either one. Any thoughts?
  12. I'd like to see pictures of the one with the 400 but I'd like to hear more about your current project, too! Post some pics of both when you get time. Cheers!
  13. Great car! Great to have another '73 to watch the progress of. Good choice ditching the hood scoop.
  14. I'd like to see some pics too. I start and stop on mine too. Mostly because of money. Took me 2 years to save up the cash for new cylinder heads for the engine I'm rebuilding for it. Now I'm on a roll and just want to get the new engine stuffed in the front of it. Keep the momentum rolling!
  15. That is a low price. I checked into a rebuilt because I was just going to run a stock with the Ignitor III in it. The rebuilt was that much, plus the Pertronix module. Our prices are more up here in Canada, but that's crazy low if they work well. I installed a Pertronix II under the I6 cap on the 250 ci and replaced the resistor wire already and I have the Flamethrower coil that I'll swap over when I put in the 302 that I'm rebuilding. The 250 runs better with the Pertronix in it.
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