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    351 Cleveland, factory front discs, gauges, console. Rust-free desert car.


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  1. It's a desert car so no rust. The body is still solid. The only thing I have to fix is the brake lights. The regular lights work and the turn signals work. No brake lights. I guess I'll replace the switch and take it from there. It looks like the original. All the glass is original except the windshield. It has a date code of Feb 1977. It's a LOF and the rest are Carlite. I think LOF was a GM supplier.
  2. Stock 2 bbl. Runs really strong though. I pretty much putt around anyway.
  3. It has a stock looking interior with the stock radio, and the real sound system is hidden in the trunk. The interior is pretty good. Are these the right seats?
  4. Nice, Mach One's you guys. This was an old man's baby. Unfortunately, he passed. His wife was putting it up for sale and I heard about it & thought the price was right. (around 10,000) To her it was an "old car" I went to see it, wow, these cars grab you in person! I took her home. it was dusty from sitting while the man fought his illness. The gas smelled a bit old too. It ran ok, idled a bit rough. I drained the fuel, changed the plugs and added ethanol-free fuel. Ran perfect. I didn't know these were SO COMFORTABLE! The ride is not harsh, seats are comfy. There is something about this generation. Purists (I use the term loosely) tend to not like them? (jealous?) But most everyone else really does. I went to a car show. Not to enter my Mustang, as a spectator. The person doing the parking had me follow him. He had me park it in the front of the car show. There were no Mach Ones. I went walking around looking at the cars, The Mach One had a CROWD around it much of the time. I'm sure you guys agree, only drive it if: 1. You are not in a hurry 2. If you don't mind talking to people
  5. I have had this for a few years. Originally I was going to flip it but it's nice to drive. Very cushy and comfortable. I guess these are the Mustangs that "Mustang people" don't like, but everyone else sure does. It attracts a crowd wherever it is! Not inconspicuous.
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