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  1. I sent you a private message yesterday with price. Yes I still have It and it is stamped Motorcraft.
  2. The base and snorkel are likely pre 71 as they do not have the thermostat controlled vacuum duct on the snorkel or the thermostat provision in the base. The base is also 17 3/4" in diameter matching the lid.
  3. That chrome lid, is off a 72 or 73 Q code 351C. Label is original. The nearly complete number on the label is __0F-9C611-CA. The lid is 17 3/4" in diameter.
  4. Thanks Steve, I checked the wheel and here is what I found. 5 x 4.5 bolt circle, 2.75 center hole, stampings near valve stem JL 3, stampings between bolt holes, the Ford script in an oval and W 9 18 or ? 6 M depending on which way is up, 2 purple paint daubs on the rim on the opposite side of the wheel. 7 1/4" tread width. Doug
  5. I have an unused, never installed H78-14 spacer saver spare. The 5 bolt pattern is correct for Mustangs, but the center hub hole is larger. Does anyone know what car(s) came equipped with H78-14 space savers?
  6. Pictured are a 1971 "MUSTANG" AM 8-Track (asking $250) works but needs tune up, NOS 4 channel AM-FM (asking $400), speaker grills, the black ones are NOS FORD (not repro)(asking $50 for pair), the ginger ones used (asking $10 each) , and two 73 antennas (asking $40 each) and one 71-72 telescoping antenna (asking $50). Shipping extra. Please PM me with inquiries.
  7. Pictured are a barely used set of 351C 4V Hooker headers 1 3/4 tubes for manual trans car (asking $350), stock 351C 4V exhaust manifold set (asking $175), various hanger parts, a NOS set of Mach 1 exhaust chrome tips (asking $750) and a pair of 2 1/2 OD chrome exhaust tip turn downs (asking $100). Shipping extra. Please PM me with inquiries.
  8. Hello, just to be clear, you want the black flex snorkel ducting in the last photo next to the carb? I have not shipped to Canada, what carriers do you suggest, USPO, UPS, FEDEX, other?
  9. Pictured are a 73 351C Q code 4V chrome lid air cleaner with NOS snorkel $500. 351C air cleaner base $35, snorkel $50 and 4V chrome lid $50. Valve covers $80 pair, NOS emissions valve for 72/73 4 speed $100, 73 snorkel flex duct $25, and a 73 Q code 4 speed 4300D spread bore "LA" carb core $250. Package deals if buying more than 1 item. Shipping extra. Please PM me if interested in any item(s)
  10. Pictured are 73 grill related parts for sale. One of the grill lights is NOS. The black rear side window trim pieces are for a Fastback/ Mach 1. The carb was restored by Pony Carburetor, used briefly before I switched over to fuel injection. PM me for pricing/ package deals, etc.
  11. Sorry I missed it, I just found it and replied.
  12. For the rear buckle side only belts, $75 plus shipping of $10. I have had my 73 Mach 1 since 1978, it too is a Q code 4 speed. Any other items you are in need of? I have more items I have yet to photo and post.
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