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  1. Do you have the transmission wire harness that connects to back up switch and seat belt warning switch?
  2. The truck light works the same way. Integral mercury switch. Older home thermostats work this way too and you can see the mercury in the glass bulb make contact with the wire tips when tilted to turn on the heat. I believe for environmental reasons, mercury switches are no longer produced for most applications.
  3. If you have the convenience group which includes a lights on warning buzzer, it uses the same buzzer as the key reminder system. It is supposed to buzz with the parking or headlights on and the driver door open. Perhaps that is a place to look. The metal relay panel above the glove box is grounded when mounted in position to the metal dash. If it is dangling and not connected to the metal dash, one of the ground wires may be an alternate or redundant ground and if not connected, the panel, is not grounded and the buzzer won't buzz.
  4. I believe 73 Mach 1s used head light bezels that mount in the grill that were black in the center/ bright metal around the edge. I have a pair of these if you haven't already decided on the plain all bright metal version.
  5. I have a few sets, varying conditions on the pieces. Do you need all the pieces? I think there are 13 for a complete set plus the 2 cup shape pieces that mount into the floor piece behind the seat. $250 for a complete set plus the cup pieces plus shipping. I would have to pull them out of storage to take some photos if interested. I am in NJ and don't know what it would cost to ship UPS.
  6. I have one in argent (silver) color. It is used and in good shape. I would need to find or make a big enough box to ship it. I have no no idea of what it would cost to ship UPS. I am asking $100 plus shipping. If interested, I can pull it out of storage and take some photos. Just let me know. I am in NJ.
  7. I have the one pictured. It came with a fully restored and detailed QJet I bought for my 1971 Cougar XR7 429 J code about 10 years ago. The original was still on my intake manifold so I used it. I sold the Cougar 3 years ago and are selling off left over items. $300.
  8. I have a few, this is the nicest. $75
  9. I have one, switch looks fine. $100. picture back
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