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  1. I sent you a private message yesterday with price. Yes I still have It and it is stamped Motorcraft.
  2. The base and snorkel are likely pre 71 as they do not have the thermostat controlled vacuum duct on the snorkel or the thermostat provision in the base. The base is also 17 3/4" in diameter matching the lid.
  3. That chrome lid, is off a 72 or 73 Q code 351C. Label is original. The nearly complete number on the label is __0F-9C611-CA. The lid is 17 3/4" in diameter.
  4. Thanks Steve, I checked the wheel and here is what I found. 5 x 4.5 bolt circle, 2.75 center hole, stampings near valve stem JL 3, stampings between bolt holes, the Ford script in an oval and W 9 18 or ? 6 M depending on which way is up, 2 purple paint daubs on the rim on the opposite side of the wheel. 7 1/4" tread width. Doug
  5. I have an unused, never installed H78-14 spacer saver spare. The 5 bolt pattern is correct for Mustangs, but the center hub hole is larger. Does anyone know what car(s) came equipped with H78-14 space savers?
  6. Pictured are a 1971 "MUSTANG" AM 8-Track (asking $250) works but needs tune up, NOS 4 channel AM-FM (asking $400), speaker grills, the black ones are NOS FORD (not repro)(asking $50 for pair), the ginger ones used (asking $10 each) , and two 73 antennas (asking $40 each) and one 71-72 telescoping antenna (asking $50). Shipping extra. Please PM me with inquiries.
  7. Pictured are a barely used set of 351C 4V Hooker headers 1 3/4 tubes for manual trans car (asking $350), stock 351C 4V exhaust manifold set (asking $175), various hanger parts, a NOS set of Mach 1 exhaust chrome tips (asking $750) and a pair of 2 1/2 OD chrome exhaust tip turn downs (asking $100). Shipping extra. Please PM me with inquiries.
  8. Hello, just to be clear, you want the black flex snorkel ducting in the last photo next to the carb? I have not shipped to Canada, what carriers do you suggest, USPO, UPS, FEDEX, other?
  9. Pictured are a 73 351C Q code 4V chrome lid air cleaner with NOS snorkel $500. 351C air cleaner base $35, snorkel $50 and 4V chrome lid $50. Valve covers $80 pair, NOS emissions valve for 72/73 4 speed $100, 73 snorkel flex duct $25, and a 73 Q code 4 speed 4300D spread bore "LA" carb core $250. Package deals if buying more than 1 item. Shipping extra. Please PM me if interested in any item(s)
  10. Pictured are 73 grill related parts for sale. One of the grill lights is NOS. The black rear side window trim pieces are for a Fastback/ Mach 1. The carb was restored by Pony Carburetor, used briefly before I switched over to fuel injection. PM me for pricing/ package deals, etc.
  11. Sorry I missed it, I just found it and replied.
  12. For the rear buckle side only belts, $75 plus shipping of $10. I have had my 73 Mach 1 since 1978, it too is a Q code 4 speed. Any other items you are in need of? I have more items I have yet to photo and post.
  13. Just the one hinge cover. No seat backs. I do have one white rear seat belt retractor 72/73 type bezel and two 71 type. These are the bezels the rear retractor belts pass through mounted in the interior rear side panels
  14. Pictured are a 73 black deluxe seat belt set, a 73 standard front seat buckle side belt and some other black seat belt plastic parts. Black deluxe seat belts used standard black shoulder belts. What makes a black set deluxe are the bright metal buckles. A partial set of 73 blue deluxe seat belts, probably out of a convertible as there are no blue shoulder belts. A partial set of 71 ginger deluxe seat belts. Ginger interior items. And ginger, black and white seat items. I have 4 additional seat bottoms not shown. All would need recovering. Also have 6 seat backs. PM me about any items you have interest in.
  15. See photos. First photo, miscellaneous interior parts. Second photo a pair of Mach 1 sports interior black door panels out of a car with power windows and factory door speakers, no cracks, excellent condition. Third photo, Mach 1 sports rear interior black rear panels, right side out of a car with power windows, both in very nice condition. Fourth photo, interior roof trim. The ginger color pieces out of a coupe. The black piece out of a Mach 1. PM me if interested in any of the items for pricing/ package deals.
  16. Mike, I can take close up pictures and forward to you in a private message if you would like. They are rusty, but hard for me to tell about the degree of pitting.
  17. Pictured below are the following items and prices. Shipping extra. I am in western NJ. 73 NOS bumper stone guard $100 Excellent used deluxe bumpers with guards for 73. $250 complete, $210 missing the right side rubber "L" pad. 73 urethane rear bumper quarter panel fillers $100 set. $50 for the single piece shown. Mach 1 quarter panel extensions $25 each 71-72 original rear license plate plastic shield $40 each Gas cap with cable $40, without cable $35 Mach 1 rear tie downs (used with dual exhaust chrome outlet extension Mach 1s to protect damaging them from tie down shipment chains). Dealers were supposed to remove these before selling the car. $100 for the set. 73 rear bumper mounting bracket set $75 73 NOS tail lights $250 each, when the bright metal is painted black in the correct areas they are correct for 71-72s. NOS tail light gasket $20 Honeycomb panel solid $100, cracked apart at center $50. (Cracks hidden when trim and gas cap are in place) NOS upper honeycomb trim $90 Used upper and lower honeycomb trim $30 each
  18. If your engine is a 351C, starter motors are different for automatic transmissions and manuals but bolt right up. Not sure that is true for 302 engines or what engine you have. Perhaps if the starter is for a manual it might cause the starter issues you had and maybe the scraping issue.
  19. Clearing out items I acquired years ago for another 71-73 project I decided not to undertake. Steering related parts. Tilt column with key and "rag joint". Extra "rag joint" for a tilt column. 2 rim blow steering wheels, no cracks. The ginger one with pad. The other is a dark color from a Lincoln (Lincolns, Mercury and other Ford cars used the same 3 spoke steering wheel as Mustangs, but the pads were different and offered in more colors). Interior column trim, black. Power steering gears, one variable ratio (tag SPA-T) the other fixed. PM me if interested in any or all items.
  20. All the motors are tested and work in both directions. All are still available.
  21. I am cleaning out my garage of 71-73 mustang parts acquired over the years (80s, 90s and 00s) from parts cars and ebay. I finished the restoration of my 73 Mach 1 and 71 Cougar XR7 years ago and was holding on to many items with the thought of restoring more, but have decided not to, so am starting to sell off what I have left over. I am starting with power window parts. I the coming weeks/ months other categories. Pictured below are the power window related parts for sale. The window glass is for power window coupes/ convertibles, not fastback/Mach1. Non power window glass lacks the arched cutout at the bottom of the window to clear the door power window motor mechanism. Some of the switches are and bezels are for 73s the others for 71-72s. PM me if you have interest in any part(s) shown.
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