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  1. As far as hours we have around 2300 hours in the total build, and as far as cost its over the 200 mark, and we did have to purchase some aftermarket parts and I do believe they all came from NPD
  2. Please excuse the wheels in these pictures they are some old ugly ones we use for mock up These pictures show how we took 7" out of the front overhang as well as 1" out of the wheel openings because we also shortened the entir wheel base 1"
  3. Well I finally have a litttle time to post some of the build photos some were asking about, so here we go
  4. Thanks again everyone for the warm welcome, I will post some build photos and description next week for those that have asked to see more detail, I might not be on here as much as I would like but feel free to ask anything you want and Ill try and help every way I can Thanks, Josh
  5. I dont have great answer on why these cars are so "controversial" my biggest hurdle with it is the "visual heaviness" of the rear from a side profile, but what do I know we chopped one up and ruined it for some! HAHA , I will say though for someone to say Pegasus will have a tiny part in bringing some more attention to them is a huge compliment and thank you very much
  6. bkdunha, Thanks for the welcome , as far as the long term plans , the customer is driving the crap out of it and plans to for a while. he has been offered big money on 3 different occasions for the car but has passed on them and is just enjoying it , really makes us as builders feel good that doesnt want to offload to the highest bidder and he enjoys it. Don65Stang, thanks for the welcome and yes we do some restoration work and are in the process of one now on a 69 shelby gt500 now , but its not really our specialty as there is no creativity involved and your replicating someones interpretation of what it was built like by a bunch hotrodders at Shelbys shop....we have done a bunch of restoration/driver/stock appearing resto-mods that are nice, but the whole "wax pencil,correct stamped rivet,down to the 32nd of an inch on the seam sealer/overspray" is a liitle bit out of the realm of the way we build cars, it can be done its just hard for a bunch of anal perfectionists to leave a hood sticking up 1/8th inch because "they" say thats how it "was" factory, Sorry not trying to rant or put down "wax pencil restoration just some of it is hard when your mindset is another level of fit/finish I hope some understand my ramblings
  7. Thanks everyone ,I understand the Likes/Dislikes completely and this build was more of the direction of " what would ford build today" and not trying to re-stylize a 71 . there is no animosity on this end what soever no matter how critical it gets , there are WIDE variations of taste out ther both good and bad , If all mankind liked the same thig the OEMs would already know about it and there would be one vehicle/one color/one motor/etc. to choose from at the dealer.....but who knows the Socialist track we are headed on....Sorry that is way too controversial for my third post LOL
  8. Wow this car has gotten a lot of attention , we appreciate all of the comments ( both good and bad) HaHa, its fun to see everyones diffent opinions on the different aspects of this build its a great barometer of the varied views and opinions in this industry, again hanks for all the interest. as far as the auto trans. I agree but that is the ONLY thing the customer had to have as he wanted his wife to be comfortable driving it, but its a lot nicer than you would think
  9. Hello everyone we built the 71 mustang known as Pegasus that I see a lot of people discussing on here and wanted to introduce the shop and we look foward to checking out what everyone has going on
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