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  1. No, but I only had to bend it a little and I am fairly certain it will bend back easily enough without causing any damage. The brake still works as it is. Jeff
  2. It turned out okay. I was able to get it done with no non-reversible modifications. Thanks for all the help! Jeff
  3. Thanks, guys! These should fit based on the pics posted. I cut the kick panels and mounted the JL Audio’s in the panels tonight. Tomorrow I shall cross my fingers that they fit, but the magnets are small and are located exactly where the holes are in the sheet metal.
  4. Thanks! That’s a beauty you have there as well!
  5. I am thinking about putting speakers in behind my kick panels. How much room is there behind the panel? Is it solid metal or is there room for a speaker magnet? I really don't want to cut into the sheet metal. I have the MP reproduction kick panels with the speaker pods. I can't get to my car to remove the kick panel right now and I've searched for threads and pics. I want to see if the speakers I have will fit. Yes, I know the parking brake will have to go or be moved. Any pics or descriptions would be helpful. It is a 71 convertible. I'll post a pic of the car for your enjoyment. :) Thanks, Jeff
  6. 1971 302 automatic. I've owned it since it had 8000 miles and was like new, it has 19,500 miles now. It looks pretty good from 10 feet away.
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