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  1. Hello team- I'm in the market for a '71-73 mustang and I think I have settled on Boss 351. Wow, the prices are all over the map! For example this one at $119 K: https://www.hendrickperformance.com/details-1971-ford-mustang_boss_351-perfectly_restored_boss_351_mustang_-used-1f02r182242.html How realistic is that price point (I picked this one because there are a lot of pics)? i'm trying to come up with a strategy for selecting a vehicle. I'm not looking for numbers matching/ concours ready vehicles, because I plan on putting some miles on it, but by the same token I want to avoid some cobbled together POS where nothing is right. Any suggestions on finding a happy medium and not getting ripped off?
  2. Cool thanks. The one I have my eye on just says 'Ram Air'. I saw one on sale for $79K that had the 351 added. Thanks
  3. If Hello- I'm looking at a number of Boss 351s for sale. Some I've seen have 351 Ram Air marked on the hood, some just say Ram Air and some have no marking at all. I'm assuming that the ones with no markings at all have been repainted, but which is correct - 351 Ram Air or just plain Ram Air, or could they have come from the factory either way?
  4. Have some of the GT350, but I doubt you guys want to see those :cool: Looking to buy a Mach 1. I have a line on one out of NY - '73 Mach 1 351 CJ Q code. Looks solid but a little bit worried that it's a northern car. Opinions? Any questions for seller? He's listed it for around $18 K. That sound about right? VIN 3F05Q20xxxx
  5. Hello- Just found the forum. I have been in love with Mach 1s ever since I saw my first one when I used to cut grass at an apartment complex in Milwaukee back in the 70's. Looking forward to getting to know you guys!

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