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  1. Wow, that Camaro looks outstanding. If that is what you had to start with, the Mach 1 should be easy in comparison Found it interesting that your car originally came with a white vinyl top...can't recall ever seeing one in that color before. Best of luck on the resto, and welcome to the forum!
  2. I replaced my factory steel wheels in the late 80's with Magnum 500s that I bought through the local Ford dealer so they are factory parts, not aftermarket. Probably been on the car for about 25k worth of miles? Long story short, I've never had any problems with leaking and there has been at least 3 sets of new tires installed on them over that time. I can say that I have had issues with getting them balanced. Had the last set mounted and balanced at Goodyear and they were WAY off. Took them to Les Schwab and the tire tech said they were so off he couldn't fathom how Goodyear could have though
  3. Agreed. As a SE Michigan native (Ferndale, Woodward and Nine mile) I remember hearing the stories about this car and the Silver Bullet GTX.
  4. Very interesting! Learn something new every day. Thanks for the info!
  5. Vintageman: Hood molding is original to my knowledge...it was on the car when I bought it in '86. Seeing the differences between Trevynd's and mine, I wonder if the design changed for '73?
  6. I don't mean to hijack this thread, but this is first I've heard of the black paint being applied to rear underside of the hood. Would either of you know if this carried through to '73? thanks!
  7. My car is a '73 and the front hood trim on mine actually caps over the hood on the outboard ends. In regards to your question about the hood curvature, it seems to be a pretty common thing. Mine certainly has the same issue. I've heard various reasons put forward mostly centered on the overall length and pressure of the hinges acting on the hood when closed. Have no idea if that is valid though.
  8. Late to the conversation here, but, was looking for a picture of my car in WW that shows what I refer to as the 'ivory' tone. Wast most noticeable in this picture as the car is in the shade.
  9. Diablo Lake on the North Cascades highway in Washington state....well done
  10. Great thread idea! Here is my contribution. The hint is in my screen name.
  11. I think it looks super nice! Out of curiosity, any complaints from your passenger? Looks like the cup holder area might be intruding into the leg/hip room a bit?
  12. Boy, does this ever bring back some memories. My dad worked for Ford from '66-'80 and he would bring back stacks of these that were apparently just laying around the office. Used them to light his wood burning stove Thanks for posting this!
  13. Had the same conundrum years ago when I had mine painted. Stuck with the white and don't regret it. Came very close to replicating the color scheme I had seen on another 73 Mach1 I had looked at though. It was green, ginger interior (as mine is) but with argent hood and stripes, front/rear spoliers. Normally I don't care for green but that combo really popped.
  14. Sometime around 1999-2000 I had taken my Riviera out for a drive and spotted a nice old Pontiac for sale on the side of the road. Pulled over to take a look and turns out it was a '66 2+2. 421 tri power, 4 speed, 8 lug wheels, blue on blue and about 60k on the odometer if I recall correctly. Asking price $8,000. Pontiac's weren't my thing (and still aren't) but this thing was worth every penny. Lack of garage space was the only reason I didn't jump on it. Still think about that car with regret.
  15. Thanks for the info, guys. When I had the car painted I never saw the deck lid when it was stripped down but always wondered if the lock hole had been filled.
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