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    Looking at a 72 Mustang as next project.


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  1. Have you checked if the fuse was the issue? We'll be checking the wiring and fuses of my buddy's uncle's 351 project right after we finished installing the skid plates and fishbone offroad bumper on the current Wrangler project. His uncle mentioned he replaced the fuse a couple of months ago, might check if the ports are corroded.
  2. Neat interior. Gonna need that kind of dash mat.
  3. I have a 69 Mustang convertible I plan on painting bright yellow with black. Just like the boss 302 paint scheme. Thanks for your comment. Can't wait to see that!
  4. Very well done and definitely looks great on red and black combination. The parts from 4WheelOnline should be arriving this week and getting installed for our Camaro project before prepping it for the fresh paint. We have to stick to yellow and black though.
  5. That's one neat and nice looking car, bet it looks even better in person.
  6. Nice mustang of Richard Hammond. Wonder if he also take that when going to filming the "Big" series.
  7. Good times! Surely a great bonding time with your son
  8. I like the harmony of your engine! Tough Mach 1
  9. Jimmy Your location says you are from Georgia. I am surprised that you would know where Morrill, kansas is. Morrill can't have more than a couple hundred population. I am curious what your connection is. Sorry, it is my buddy's uncle living in Morrill.
  10. That looks totally neat! My friend's uncle in Morrill might be interested. I'll come over his garage tomorrow to help him install the parts from napa and 4wheelonline onto his truck and I'll show this to him.
  11. That's one insane restoration man, nice!
  12. That sounds a fun project! Enjoy
  13. Welcome from another new member! Good luck finding a nice one.
  14. Thank you for the welcome folks. It will an exciting project and crossing the finger.
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