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  1. Not really an update, just a current photo. About to head out for an evening drive. how to roll a six on a dice
  2. Thank you. It was fun to build. Yours is pretty impressive.
  3. New project car with the old one in the background.
  4. Interesting comments on the sagging spoilers. In 69, the spoiler was a plastic material. It had an issue of sagging in the heat. The solution for the late 69 and 70 was a more dense material. This caused a problem with the hinge springs, so Ford added a prop rod to the 70 models. On a correct, early 69, I actually look for the sagging spoiler. It is the only OE Mustang spoiler I know of that did that. Then it usually split in half and fell off the car. Ron, I love the car. It needs some sidepipes.
  5. Welcome from Humble, TX. Great color combination.
  6. www.swracecars.com They have a street bar that is just a 4 point all the way up to a full cage.
  7. I tried the Shelby grille look. I even went as far as building the brackets, moving the headlights back, and sectioning the bumper. It just did not look right. Then again, I don't like the 69-70 Shelby grille anyway. It has that "we ran out of ideas" look. In the end, I used a 71 Mach grille, cut out the center, and installed a 65 grille. It turned out so well, I am building a matching grille to go under the bumper between the park lights.
  8. For those who might not have seen these yet. http://www.newvintageusa.com/71-73mustang.html
  9. It has been a while, so here are the updates. The car drives very well. I got rid of the transponder keyless start and went back to a keyed ignition. The twin carbs are going away in favor of EFI. 8mpg on a good day. I am making a splined sway bar for the front. the original just doesnt have the correct geometry for the lowered ride height. The AC system is getting updated to servo motors instead of cables. The interior is getting LED lighting in the console, rear storage compartments, interior and exterior door handles, and trunk. I am also working on a carbon fiber front air dam.
  10. No opinion on the grille, but I do like the painted extensions.
  11. Sorry, just saw this. Are ya'll still going to be in town tomorrow?
  12. 1971 Mustang non AC dash assembly with glove box door. No pad, switches or trim. Free.
  13. We are having our annual open house and BBQ on Saturday May 5th, 10a-4p. The 71 will be there doing burn-outs! We are also having a garage sale with mostly Ford parts. Vintage Upgrades 4125 Wilson Rd Humble, Tx 77396
  14. Here is what we ended up with. Very unique sound with the mufflers at the rear.
  15. Mitch i would say bring that up to Tomball Saturday for the car show ...but you'd put me to shame.:D No worries, I'll be working this Saturday, and at the San Antoinio Autorama the next.
  16. We use this one quite often. It is the "Retro" from Momo. http://www.momousa.com/products/products/steering-wheels/retro-steering-wheel.html
  17. I feel your pain. We bought a rusted out 67 fastback a while back just to get the original window trim.
  18. I need a set of arms for the 71. Thanks
  19. Here is a quick look at the interior. We are installing the interior LEDs this week.
  20. Fellow Gearheads, We will be bringing the 71 to New Orleans this weekend. Come and check it out if you can. The interior is finished now. I will post those photos soon.
  21. Welcome to the site guys. Very cool car.
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