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  1. Usually it's used in 73 models where there is this huge (bit ugly) gap between grille and rad support. My 71 (and yours) have the grille going deep, practically same depth as this cover. No need for a cover for 71, at least with the deep grille (and hood locks). The radiator is on the other side of the support and there is first a gap in between of say 4 cm/2 inches then its the front side of the radiator. Plenty for hot air to escape. As about the above piece. it will flap up/down, unless you'd use... double sided tape, which I believe is provided with this part. Considering how thin a 73 grill is on top, not sure I'd like that. There are few threads on this cover thingy... For my own, made decades ago, after a grille update a few weeks back, I went for rivnuts. So it's adding strength to the grille and prevents it moves or vibrate and its now even more easy/faster to remove it than before. In my view, a 73 bay looks nicer with a cover than without. Reminds me I still need to find SS M6 30 with alen heads... This looks really good. I'm going to continue researching. Thank you.
  2. I met a guy at an All Ford show two weeks ago that installed a radiator cover on his car and it looked great. It did a great job of covering that ugly gap between the grille and the radiator. I'm really thinking about buying one for my car. I was wondering has anyone here purchased and installed one. If so what are your thoughts Here's the one I found. https://www.mustangsplus.com/1971-1972-1973-Mustang-Radiator-Grill-Cover.html
  3. I've had the spoiler sitting around for awhile. Finally got around to installing it on the coupe. I like it.....
  4. I get it. But for me it sure seems like a sign that our mustangs are finally being recognized in the classic car market and the prices are beginning to reflect the trend. I say to everyone hold on to your cars because the values are definitely rising. Everywhere I go i get compliments and people saying how much they love the big mustangs. In a few years that 43k is going to be a steal.
  5. It's not 'wrong', it's CUSTOM and it's those 'custom' touches that makes it worth $43K. +1. It's a custom pro touring setup. Fuel injected 347 stoker with a built aod transmission all polished with ac. If it was a 69 or 70 with the same specs and custom paint they would want 100k for it. For what it is its not too far off. I was thinking more around 38k or so.
  6. For sale at fast lane classic cars in st. Charles mo. https://fastlanecars.com/vehicles/2162/1971-ford-mustang
  7. Very nice. Wish mine was that clean when I started my build.
  8. A few shots for a Cars and Coffee meet I attended a few weeks back.
  9. Most recent shot of my interior It's not stock, but I like it....... Custom Center Console Reupholstered Seats with Suede inserts Painted the glove box to match the car Installed Kenwood Stereo with Bluetooth and hands free calling Summit All in 1 Monster Tach Gauge Pod cover carbon fiber plasti dipped
  10. Thank you. The color is called sonic blue. Pulled the color code from a 2003 cobra mustang.
  11. Hi Tony. Yes sir. I'll be there for sure with the Mustang. I may bring my 95 lightning as well
  12. Shot of my car from Cars and coffee show last week
  13. Boss motorsport 308 wheels. 18 x 8 front and 20 x 10 rear. Lowered front end 1 inch and rolled rear fenders. aaa auto insurance claims reviews
  14. Best side view picture of the trunk I have. As you can see it extends past the floor out to the quarter panel
  15. The trunk kit was complete. Didn't have to make anything. It does extend all the way to the quarter panel. I'll try to dig up a side pic. For the trunk lid I cutout triangles in mdf plastic and wrapped in carpet
  16. I did an aftermarket console with some custom touches. Had the gauge pod carbon fiber plasti dipped. Led lightning was a nice touch as well. I took the factory seat covers ripped them apart and sewed suede in the middle. Did whatever I could to be just a little bit different.
  17. Less than 200.00 from www.stockinteriors.com. no cutting required and a great fit. If you're looking to give the trunk a fresh factory look I highly recommend their kits. http://www.stockinteriors.com/AutoCarpet...odelId=201
  18. A few pics of my girl Roland Hall - St. Louis, MO - 72 coupe
  19. Got my gauge pod back from the shop. Had it carbon fiber plasti dipped. Came out real nice. Next year I'll do the blue carbon fiber dakota gauges.
  20. Spent the winter tuning and tweaking. Dedicated the past few weeks to cleaning her up from top to bottom. After close to 20 hrs in detail work I'm pleased with the end result. Nothing was left untouched. Even the lug nuts got a few good turns on the buffing wheel. Also added blue LEDS under the hood for some subtle nighttime effect.
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