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  1. They had a class for non stock 66 - 73 mustangs. There weren't a whole lot of cars in the class so I guess I got lucky. ... lol
  2. Attended a car show last weekend. Not really a car show type of guy but i attend occasionally. Won 1st place in my class. Thought that was pretty cool.
  3. Finished the truck last Friday. I think she came out pretty nice. Sending her off for fresh exhaust this week, and that should be just about it. I took the advice of a lot of people and pretty much left it alone. It's all stock/matching #'s except for the hood and the rear valance. I sent the factory wheels off last month to have them refinished and I think they came out great. LMR restoration now sells replacement center caps for the wheels. Anyone that had one of these knows that at one time they were IMPOSSIBLE to find. I did smoke the headlights/taillights, but they are still factory originals.... I did lose the Lightning stickers on the sides. Just didn't really do it for me. Instead we "painted" the graphics in gray and white to give just a little subtle contrast. Everything matches, all of the build marks are still on the motor (Took extra care to tape them off when I painted and cleaned things), and I have the Certificate of Authenticity.
  4. Now that the 72 coupe is done cleaned up the truck. Minor changes. Did the hood and rear pan. Painted the Lightning graphics instead of stickers. New wheels and tires. Went through the motor and tranny. Changed all fluids. Wanted to keep it stock with a small twist. She'll be done next week multiple image uploader I've owned her since 2000 and she never let me down. Ever.....
  5. BTW - They have absolutely no installation instructions. You'll have to eyeball it and play with it. Take your time...... everything will fit. You'll be tempted to do some "trimming," but DON'T DO IT!!!!! Just take your time when installing.
  6. I tell you what, I didn't like the way the tail light covers fit, so I'm not going to use those. I also ditched the spare tire cover since I don't keep a spare in the car. For the exposed holes on the side panels to service the rear park lights, I'm going to make some covers for those. I'm going to make a little "box" with carpet and Velcro them over those lights.
  7. The side panels have a piece that cover the fender drop offs. Good point about the battery. As a matter of fact I ordered a different box from Summit last night that's sealed.
  8. Yesterday i installed the trunk liner kit in the coupe. Less than 200.00 from www.stockinteriors.com. no cutting required and a great fit. If you're looking to give the trunk a fresh factory look I highly recommend their kits. http://www.stockinteriors.com/AutoCarpet.asp?Itemid=11531&MakeId=8&ModelId=201
  9. I chose the 72 Coupe specifically for the reason that the Mustang "Purists" hate them. Go to any Mustang show and you see a few of these years if you're lucky. I knew I was going to build a restomod Pro Touring car, and for what I wanted the 72 Coupe was perfect. I sold a 96 GT Convertible to begin the build and don't regret it one bit. I tend to like things others tend to hate.
  10. Very nice. Welcome from st. Louis
  11. This is going to be one of the nicest 71-73 mustang in the country when it's done. Damn that's nice
  12. Disclaimer about those consoles. If u have an auto it leaves a big hole that exposes the stock shifter cover. You are on your own to come up with a solution to hide if you choose to. What we came up with was the best approach for the look I wanted
  13. Got mine from Mac's. I had to add a custom touch with the cover for the shifter
  14. Awesome show. Met Ryan and his wife. Great folks. Probably the best mustang show I've been to. All of the 71 73s looked great.
  15. Raining in stl today so I figured I'd get in some detail work. 8 hrs later all cleaned up with no place to go...
  16. Now that my mustang is pretty much done we went ahead and got on the truck. Bodywork is in progress. She's in her second coat of primer now. Blocking work should be done soon then off to paint she goes.
  17. Boss motorsport 338. 18x8 front and 20x10 rear with toyo proxes tires. We did have to roll the rear fenders.
  18. Shifter plate is complete. I think it came together nicely, like it's supposed to be there.
  19. Not the best pic of mine, but I've changed a few things since this pic...
  20. Started the build in 07 and it's been painted twice since then. Most recently two weeks ago. It just wasn't perfect before
  21. Thanks. The wheels are. Boss motorsport 338. 18x8 front and 20x10 rear.
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